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If I Can't Donate Money. I Donate Love!

--by brindlegirl, posted Dec 31, 2014
I wanted to share with you all a little something I do. I do this often, well as often as I can. I love to write. I love to make others feel happy, loved and special because lets face it; that is exactly what we all are.

So what I do is put the two things together, writing and love. I often write letters of love to strangers and leave them in places hoping that the person who needs it most will stumble upon the letter and find it.

However lately I've started to post letters to organizations and even random people whose addresses I stumble upon. I am often sent letters asking for donations and to help contribute to various charities and organizations. I contribute the best I can but as we all know, we can't contribute and donate to them all. Included in these letters of request for donations, are reply paid envelopes. I love getting the reply paid envelopes because when I can't make a donation, I write them a letter of love and make a donation of a different kind instead. A Donation of love.

Many of the workers who work in these organizations do so voluntarily and are never thanked and at times feel as though they are not appreciated or even noticed. I hope to change that with my letters and I wanted to share this with you all today in case you too felt inspired to do the same.
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dmblanc wrote: What a beautiful thing you are doing. Thank you for sharing.
sandyremillar wrote: You are gifting so nicely. Good idea!
melnotes wrote: This is amazing brindle. What a great gift you are giving in your love and words. You are such a kindness angel! Love it :)

Yee wrote: Thanks for inspiring me. Now i like to write some nice letters as well. Just to make people feel happy :)
pappusodhani1 wrote: Nice and good to read yr idea. I do the same thing. I always write " keep smiling , keep loving and keep praying "
KaZ wrote: Perfect. I do my best to thank workers especially those when they are working on holidays, it really seems to be appreciated.
Mish wrote: Creative kindness!!
mindyjourney wrote: Your gift of words, from the heart, is such a wonderful donation! Kudos to you for using your talent to make a difference and for sharing that idea with us. Thank you:).
jomartin87112 wrote: Wht a great idea! Good for you!

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