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The Day Star Trek Came Alive

--by snowflake66, posted Aug 20, 2007
When I was about five or so my favorite television show was Star Trek. Dr. Spock was clearly my favorite character and I listened to his advice with great seriousness. When I found out that  he was going to be signing autographs at TSS, I begged my mother to take me.

To continue this story, you have to understand a little about my chaotic childhood. With rampant abuse, television, movies, and books were my only escape. I delved into them and  found places, people, and situations  both like my own and not. It gave this little girl hope. It helped to save me from the messiness of growing up in a dysfunctional household.

So I hope you can imagine how important meeting "Spock" was to me. When the day came, I couldn't wait to get to the store! I dressed up in my favorite outfit, green of course, and waited, very impatiently, for my mother.

When we got there, my heart sunk a little at the huge line that had already formed. But my mother knew what this meant and so we waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, I could see him! I kept trying to jump up to catch a glimpse, but my enthusiasm was trying to be contained by my mother. Then it was my turn. I went up close. The first thing Spock did was give me the Vulcan sign which I then tried to duplicate.

But I couldn't! I couldn't give the sign back and that devastated me! I began to cry uncontrollably. I felt I had let my hero down.

Well, Mr. Nimoy stopped in his tracks at the sight of my silent, but obvious tears. He knelt down and said "Don't worry, sweetheart. Some people on Vulcan can't do this either. It's okay." Then he hugged me until my tears stopped, signed me a special autograph with my name on it, and kissed my forehead.

Even though that picture got ruined in a flood, that small kindness, to stop and take the time to talk to a little girl and make her smile again, was something I've kept with me my whole life. The experience helped shape and mold me into who I am.

Now I take the time to stop and listen -- you never know who you are going to touch for a lifetime.

P.S. As an adult I wrote to Mr. Nimoy to thank him for his kindness and to tell him how important it was to me. He sent me a new autograph -- not in Spock attire, though :)
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bilkis wrote: I loved dr. Spock too, he was my hero and i always looked forward to star wars. What a kind and gentle gesture by a great man, wonderful, may there be more famous people who can be as humane as him
elspeth wrote: So often celebrities turn out to be kind of jerks; this was such a sweet, tender story of a big name star who wasn't blinded by his own self-importance. I will remember this story whenever i see this actor again. Thanks for sharing the memory.
collegeplusgirl wrote: Wow what a powerful story. You are blessed.
denim1951 wrote: That was a very special story. I have always loved Star Trek a lot over the years too.
sammy wrote: that is soo lovely to hear such experience when you were at that age.
it reminds me of my childwood life .thanks God bless
sahaja wrote: Thanks very much for sharing such a wonderful experience.
theema wrote: Your story touched me, Snowflake. Like you, my childhood was a bit topsy-turvy. It's moments like these that help define us. It's moments like these that truly teach us the true meaning of compassion and love...keep smiling, snowflake!
kenosha wrote: STOP and LISTEN .Doing that can have such posative affects ,it sounds so easy,but it can be so hard at times.
KirstenKP wrote: That story was really moving.It's nice to hear that changed your life so positively!

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