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Inviting Everyone

--by emackaroni83, posted Nov 30, 2014
Every Thanksgiving a lot of families gather around a table full of food and give thanks for the blessings we have. Starting many years ago my family learned to spread the blessings to others not only on Thanksgiving but for every holiday. Back when I was young I always remembered people I didn't know showing up at Thanksgiving, Christmas, about any holiday!

I learned later on the tradition my family started years ago that we still partake even today. Every holiday that my family and I celebrate we challenge ourselves for each family member to invite someone who doesn't have somewhere to go on the holiday. Sometimes we have tons of people and sometimes not too many. Our tradition includes taking pictures and looking over the pictures sometimes we cant even remember the names of everyone in the picture!

At Thanksgiving yesterday I had invited a neighbor who I know didn't have anywhere to go to come to my family's Thanksgiving. He happily agreed. Before we eat we stand in a big circle holding hands and say a small prayer. Then we each say three things we are thankful for. When it came for my neighbors turn to say something he choked up and said "I am thankful that I get to share a warm meal with other people as I haven't even ate a meal with anyone in a long time" The meal conversations, and the bonding was amazing. When we left and went home my neighbor told me "I haven't felt this welcomed and good in many years, thank you for this blessing" 
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summa wrote: Yes, sparkledee88, i agree that i am way to use to " having" and not needing! If we could all just do a little what a better world we would have! Glad to be a part of this community and sharing these awe inspiring stories of giving! Thank you!
kvpsummer wrote: That is such a beautiful tradition. What a lucky person you are to have such a generous and gracious family. Love and light to them all.
sparkledee88 wrote: Reading these stories makes me realize i am way too concerned about my own comfort and not enough about others' happiness and feeling a sense of love and belonging. Thankyou, kindspring community for the motivation to reach out a lot more. :)
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful spirit of true thanks and giving :))). Blessings to all.
wavingatyou wrote: Happy tummies happy hearts! We are blessed :)

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