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Stormy Night Outside Taco Bell

--by Keleth, posted Sep 2, 2007

Today, a friend and I were returning from volunteering at Camp Quality, a great nonprofit that gives cancer-kids a chance to be kids!  We spent two days there, and on our way back decided to make a stop for some junk food -- yes, Taco Bell!

It was 10:45PM and one of the fiercest storms of the year had hit when we arrived at a local Taco Bell.  Half way out of the entrance, a car appeared to be stuck; so while my friend ran inside to see if TB was open, I went over to the car to offer help.  The lady -- with her young child, no more than a few months old -- was feeling a bit helpless. 

My friend had borrowed his Dad's Lexus for our weekend trip, so I asked her to get transfered to our car to keep herself and her child warm.  As my friend and I pushed her car into the parking lot, she called her mom for a ride.  By this time, the rain had really picked and it simply a downpour.  After a few minutes of inspecting the car, we found it was unfit to drive; fortunately, the lady's mother pulled up and we helped them transfer all the important car stuff from the car and gave them our recommendations on fixing the car.  And they were off.

It was ironic.  We left early from camp to miss the storm, and here we were -- completely drenched.  And we pulled in to get some unhealthy grub, and Taco Bell had closed by the time we finished helping the young lady.  Perhaps we there just to help these two strangers.

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Princss wrote: e ! Raast migan! Man taa haalaa nahdimfae boodam ghazaai ke be khordemoon midan che ghadr baa axe tablighesh fargh mikone! Vali pish az khaarej oomadanam hich vaght fekr nemikardam ke macdonaald in ghadr bad mazze baashe
Spoonerism wrote: Yes, i believe you were just there to help them. I read another story just now about someone taking their mum to the supermarket after her hip surgery. They run into a lady who is using a stroller and awaiting surgery herself. But since the mum was walking around more or less normally, the lady got some reassurance and wasn't so afraid of the surgery any more! It's fate, a higher power, synchronicity or whatever you like to call it! But thanks for stopping and helping them, that was very kind of you! :-)
Ruth M. wrote: This was a very nice action. I wish there could be more people in this world like us in here!
Let's work to get people in the moves!
anastasia wrote: that was a wonderful story.there are good people out there so glad they were there to help you and your child.I feel they were there for a reason.god bless
warmth wrote: yup u were the angels for the them. Keep up the good work. :)
akbj wrote: Yes you were meant to be there. I've had people stop to help me when I went off the road, and I didn't even have a baby. I was amazed at the kindness of strangers and your story made my day, and made me more determined to look for others to help.
Fasiha wrote: Yours was the Taco Bell plan but God"s was something else. U emerged as saviours. Keep up the spirit.
Melodie wrote: You were meant to be there at that exact time for a reason! Bless you
drsunil, wrote: its really great service to mankind,its most hounorable service you have helped to them,iam very much happy for ur nobel work god bless you,take care,
MJ wrote: Yes, you were meant to be there!

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