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Duck, Duck Goose

--by kitkat1970, posted Sep 10, 2007

As I was leaving work last Friday, I saw two older ladies  pulled over to the side of the road. They were both out of the vehicle and standing on the grass. 

I turned around and ran across the street to see if I could help them. I asked them if they needed and help.

They said "No, we just stoped because we saw two ducks and we did not want them to get hit by a car".

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senga988 wrote: What a beautiful gesture. See love know no boundaries.
akbj wrote: Too cute, this made me laugh. Terrific to know that people are noticing the small creatures. Even God knows when a sparrow falls. He used you & those ladies.
AURELIA wrote: Good Deed! Catching up with those ducks and giving them to someone who will see to their needs! I hope you can visit them now & then. You made some new friends. :) ~Aurelia
Hapbee wrote: This made me laugh! What a wonderful thing for you to do and it couldn't have been easy to get those ducks even if they had been someones pets. You put a smile on the ladies' faces and I'll bet a smile on the ducks' bills and a smile on God's "face"! GB (God Bless)
kitkat1970 wrote: thank you all for you nice comments. I'm glad that it brought a smile to you life :)
JoJoMcB wrote: you made the ladies very happy and also
saved the ducks from possible harm. what a wonderful jesture. ********

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