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Double Double Kindness

--by Shannanigans, posted Sep 10, 2007

I was in the drive-thru at Tim Hortons by my house and had just ordered a coffee and croissant. I waited to get to the window and they handed me my order and said it had been paid for already. I curiously asked, "Who paid for it?"  And the girl said, "The woman ahead of you.  She does it all the time for people.  And all she asks me to tell you is 'pay it forward.'"

This made my entire day, and I made sure to tell everyone at work about it!

The next time I was in the same drive through, I paid for the person behind me. The best part about the whole thing was that I could spend the rest of the day imagining how that person felt. I know how good it made me feel, and it stuck with me.

You never know how someones day is going, and a small act like paying for a persons coffee can turn their entire day around.

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Diana wrote: Prayers go out

Just remember
That you are not alone

If you need me
Pick up the telephone

My prayers go out
For you now
Especially now
Now and forever
I wish you well
I wanted to tell

In good times and in bad
I want you to be
Happy and glad
And never too sad

I want you to have
The best life you can.

I want you
To know that i care.

Just call me
And iíll be there.

I wish you well.

I wanted to tell.

-diana lynn neiderhiser © 2002.

ericanemmer wrote: I love it when people do things like this! I'm sure you would make anyone's day by doing this :d
shannanigans wrote: Well i dont know about drive through windows where you are from, but here, while you are picking up and paying for your order, the person behind you has already placed theirs. So that is how i knew how much it would cost. Not fabricated, no reason to. Thanks for stopping by
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keshavarao wrote: it is nice idea of act of kindness, and having a nice experience, spreading ...thankyou for sharing
chelaji wrote: Life is so good if all of us become producers and consumers at the same time - Giving more than we receive. Think of the person who receives these gifts - his "giving" starts with that "getting" - something shakes insider him or her that changes things for good in this universe. Loved this story shannanigans - Thanks.
katlampi wrote: I have always wanted to do this as well. I think I may try it next week. I'm sure it will feel a bit awkward/uncomfortable at first, but what a great way to make someone's day. Thank you for posting this!
laurissa wrote: thats a good idea! i think i should give it a try the next time im at a drive thru
Tbeenie72 wrote: My teacher told us to write our coments on this story on a sheet of paper. But I wanted to make a comment on the site.
I think it's great that your able to do this for someone Shannanigans, good for you.
Marc wrote: You shouldn't pay for someone's fast food. It only makes them fat.

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