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Love Knows No Bounds

--by allen, posted Sep 10, 2007

There is this poor peasant from a backward village of Bihar. He belongs to the class of people who live below the poverty line. Manjhi is his name. He is now almost sixty years old.

Some five years ago, Manjhi was troubled to see his wife go around a hill to fetch water for the family. His old lady had to make a long and tiresome trip to the river, fill her pitcher with water and make the trip back home.

So Manjhi decided to do something about the problem. He is illiterate and a very poor man, but he began hacking, chipping and cutting a path through the hill. It was a herculian task. The people around scoffed at him. But Manjhi went on attacking the hill day after day, month after month and finally carved a path through the hill after three years, to the river. He did this job alone and single handed with simple tools. So great was his love for his wife that in the end he succeeded.

This is a true story. Today the government has given him a reward and are now working on enlarging the road this poor farmer had begun.

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genoveva wrote: love knows no bounds. i can relate to this story really.i do love my husband and my kids so much.
Theema wrote: This is truly inspiring. In his quest to make life easier for his wife, Manjhi not only achieved this, but as a result, others will now benefit from his kind act when the road is widened for others to travel. Whether it takes three years or three seconds to do, kind acts certainly do live on and leave a lasting impression...
AURELIA wrote: Labor of Love. Too bad others didn't follow is lead and help at the time. Glad you share this story so we can learn to be more supportive of one another.
Hapbee wrote: What a wonderful story! Too many times we take the work of our loved ones for granted...let's all make an effort to sincerely thank and praise our loved ones when they do something for us -- even if you think they "should" be doing it anyway (like putting their dishes in the dishwasher!).
justoneheart wrote: What a sweet soul! A wonderful husband as well!

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