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The Seed Has A Sprout

--by justoneheart, posted Sep 18, 2007

I am a single mother of a darling 6 year old girl, Haley. With a six year old come a lot of questions! Who is that? What are they doing? Why? Where...and on and on.  I love her questions! Sometimes I do not have an answer, sometimes we brainstorm the possibilities of what may be together. Children are very, very observant and have excellent memories!

One example that comes to mind is right around Christmas last year.

We were heading out to her Grandma's house -- an hour drive, so lots of time for chatting!  We were waiting to get on the freeway when she noticed a homeless man, no sign in hand. "Mom, is that man homeless," she asked.  I told her I believed he was.

We got on the freeway and away we went. She was pretty quiet in the back on they way there. We spent a few hours at Grandma's then packed up to head home. She was rustling around in the back, trying to reach something on the floor of the car. I asked her to sit still, worried her seatbelt would slip from the booster seat. She mumbled something and sat back.

"Mom, will the homeless man still be outside tonight?" she asked.  I told her I was not sure, maybe. It was a freezing night, and I started to think of the man now also, how cold he must be.

All of a sudden as we got on the freeway exit, Haley shrieked, "There he is! There he is!" and started rolling down her window. "Mom, Mom, I found these gloves and scarf back here.  Can I give them to him? Can I?" she asked. I pulled to the edge of the road, and beckeoned the man to come over. Haley smiled at him and handed him her gift. I looked in the front passenger seat  loaded with tupperware leftovers from Grandma's house, and handed those out to him as well. The man thanked us, he clutched my hand in his and I could feel the bitter cold of them. We wished him a safe night and continued on our journey to our warm home.

"Haley that was very sweet of you!" I told her. "Well they were your gloves and scarf Mom, but his hands looked colder, and he has to keep looking for his house all night!"

We had talked about what homeless was, and I could hear myself telling her, "Someone who has lost their home." She had taken my words literally and thought it was a like a lost puppy. 

On the ride home, and as I carried my sleeping angel in the house that night, my heart was filled with gratitude.

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icare wrote: So kind of your daughter at this age. I am sure she will grow up and bring smile on many faces. God bless you and daughter.
lmil1954 wrote: Some people just "know" Haley knows.
smoothsugardoll wrote: God bless you for teaching your daughter to love those less fortunate than her. "that may have been an angel."
Aurelia wrote: What a beautiful and inspiring story. Your daughter has learned well from you. Thank you for being such a wonderful example for your daughter...she was that gentlemen's angel that night and yours everynight. :)~Aurelia
MJ wrote: If only we all thought that way all the time there would be much less misery in this world. Gods blessing to one of gods many angels
simpleton wrote: this story made me have a very kind are both blessed.

speedi wrote: What a wonderful job your doing raising your daugther,,Kudos to you!!
Bless you both!
Professor Jagdish Dave wrote: What a heart warming and inspiring story!Children are great teachers for us to teach such simple yet powerful acts of kindness.This story reminds of me a similar expereince I had giving a ride to an old stranger shivering on a cold night in Chicago.Thanks for reminding me. I still feel the presence of that old man in my heart.
Kat wrote: Although Haley is obviously a special girl with a heart of gold, she must have been observing good deeds and been "taught" how to be kind, excepting of others and to do something to help if the need arrises. Kudo's to her parents and the loved ones around her that have had a part in molding her in to the wonderful child she is
bobbi wrote: Isn't it great that a child gives so freely. Maybe we all can be like your child.

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