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Four Girls Who Pushed My Car

--by justoneheart, posted Sep 18, 2007
Being a single mother, working a few jobs and trying to finish my schooling leaves very little time for a social life. So when I had a date with a guy I had met, I was super excited! I had a sitter who my daughter loved to play with and kissed her goodbye.

I started off in my jalopy of a car. The thought to get gas crossed my mind, but I ignored it, wanting to be punctual. I was cruising down the freeway when I realized there was no way I would make it and should pull off at the next exit to get gas. Well that next exit was quite a few miles and as I got off my car sputtered to a stop. I restarted it and it went another block, so I could see the station now!

With the car dead in the lane I became frantic! I was all dressed up in a skirt and high heels; and blocking traffic! I looked in  my rearview mirror and saw a big SUV behind me.

The doors swung open and out popped 4 teenage girls, about 16 years old. They came up to my window and asked if they could help. I gratefully accepted. I put the car in nuetral and they pushed and pushed all the way up to the pump! It was no easy task let me tell you! I thanked them profusely and they just smiled and said no problem. I offered to pay them and they declined hopped in their car and headed on their way.

I got my gas and got back on my way. I was quite late, but the story made for a great conversation with my date. I was in a wonderful mood, having been given a random act of kindness. It just goes to show that the youth are more than just the stories you hear on the nightly news. Our world is filled with sweet souls,  they just usually don't make the headlines.
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thaata wrote: Children who receive love and affection in their childhood give it out whenever required. Those who don't, they really need that help of love and affection and kindness of understanding.
cathy wrote: the girls will be blessed, it so easy to just keep going, but they didnt and you will always remember them. That will make you want to do for others, and the sentiment will go on.
lmil1954 wrote: Field angels! Bless their hearts, they had good examples in their parents, I'm sure. And thank you for sharing your story.
katlampi wrote: Something similar happened to me quite a while ago. A gentlemen got out of his car, offered to put radiator fluid in my stalled vehicle, and then refused payment when I offered. It is such a blessing for people like that in this world. Thank you for sharing.
charles wrote: Not all young are unhelpful some are as these blessed four. The other youngsters could take a leaf from this shining example
laurissa wrote: this is a really inspiring story
Shiny wrote: Young are always helpful but it is only when the old fail to understand the fantasies of the teen they become rude... so it is will good if the old get to understand the odd fantansies of the teens as they are quite a new experience for them though may not be for others
jojomcb wrote: this is a great story it gives one hope. it is a very scary thing to be stranded.just when you think your evening is ruinesd out jumps thesegirls to help you that is so awesome. angels comes in all shapes, sizes and ages . they were yours for the evening.they blessed youand your sharing this story has blessed us.
Adri wrote: That's really nice of them.
kittymobitty wrote: Angels indeed! This happened to me twice - once during rush hour in a busy intersection & a lone small woman, dressed smartly & in heels, jumped out of her car & helped me push through 2 lanes to the shoulder to safety (Many people including men just watched). Also, One night my car spun around 2 times in the ice & ended up facing the wrong way & rearend stuck in a snowdrift - My heart was thumping like a drum - I was so badly frightened. A car passed by & they just yelled at me as if I was fooling around & this happened - I was a struggling student & my tires needed replacing. Suddenly a group of college aged kids just stopped & said "Don't worry! Just stay in the car" They pushed me out & then just took off!! Whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes - Talk about Angels!!!

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