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Baby On The Way

--by Aurelia, posted Sep 22, 2007

Some years ago, my 19 year old girlfriend, one of my best friends became pregnant. She wasn't married and her parents were not pleased with the situation as she had little brothers and sisters living at home. They felt it was best if she moved out while she was pregnant and stay away until she had the baby. She was to give her baby up for adoption.

I felt so badly for her. She got an apartment above a store and lived alone.  I was young myself and didn't know what to do for her. I would visit her often. The hardest visits were always after a doctor's visit because she would hear the baby's heartbeat and she wanted so badly to KEEP the baby and raise it. She would hug a stuffed animal and cry...I would be there and hug her and tell her everything will be better, but in my heart, I wasn't sure.

We both prayed for answers. The young man/dad of the baby wasn't around much. During the last month of her pregnancy she told her parents that she was keeping the baby. Shortly after the baby girl was born, she did end up marrying the baby's father and believe it or not, they are still married today...over 25  years later.

I'm glad I was able to be of some support to  her during a difficult time. I would go home crying to my parents and it was so sad for me to watch my friend hurt with a broken heart. I'm so happy  it did have a HAPPY ENDING. We are still friends today even though I live over 200 miles away.

Sometimes all we can give is our presence, faith  and time.  :)  ~Aurelia

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honeychild wrote: Wow Thank you for that story it just gave me a flash back of how when I fell pregnant all the things I had to think about. Thank you.
glenii wrote: The smallest gestures are often some of the best.
I'm glad it worked out for her in the end.
Well done :)
butterfly wrote: you definitely do shine. am so happy things worked out for your friend. thank you for sharing this beautiful story. x
Alraisi wrote:
Alraisi wrote: What a nice thing. You are special and I'm sure that your friend is special too. So you did some spirtual help and that's great. I love helping people in many ways also. So you did right and specially GOD did what you wanted to happen. That's nice keep doing that. Please send my regards and wishes to her please. GOD Bless You and Your Family...!!!
Shriraj wrote: As Mother theresa rightly said,

" Don't imagine that love to be true must be extraordinary . . .

What we need in our love is the continuity to love the One

we love.See how a lamp burns, by the continual consumption

of littlte drops of oil.No more of these drops, no light.

What are these drops in our lamps ?

They are the little things of everyday life - fidelity,

little words of kindness, just a little thought of others,those little

acts of silence, of look and thought, of word and deed "

Aurelia, You are such a wonderful person, and the best friend that I've ever scored . . . May God be with you.
brighteyes wrote: Aurelia"

Your presence, faith and time are enough. You shine and make the world a better place.

Just continue to be is enough!

Smiling "Eyes" ;)
JuneBug wrote: Real friends are far and in between.YOU are special!

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