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Band-Aid for A Broken Heart

--by afriendlysmile, posted Sep 26, 2007

I'd just like to share this story I have just read with you:

"Hi Mum, what are you doing?", asked Susie. "I'm making a casserole for Mrs Smith next door," said her mother.

"Why?" asked Susie, who was only six years old. "Because Mrs Smith is very sad; she lost her daughter and she has a broken heart.  We need to take care of her for a little while."

"Why, Mum?"

"You see, Susie, when someone is very, very said, they have trouble doing the little things like making dinner or other chores.  Because we're part of a community and Mrs Smith is our neighbour we need to do some things to help her.  Mrs Smith won't ever be able to talk with her daughter or hug her do all those wonderful things that mum and daughters do together. You are a very smart gir, Susie; maybe you'll think of some way to help take care of Mrs Smith."

Susie noticed that Mrs Smith didn't have that familiar musical quality about her voice when she greeted someone. Mrs Smith also looked as though she might have been crying because her eyes were watery and swollen.

"What can I do for you Susie?", asked Mrs Smith.

"My mum says that you lost your daughter and you're very, very said with a broken yeart, "Susie held her hand out shyly.  In it was a Band-Aid.  "This is for your broken heart," Mrs Smith gasped, choking back her tears.  She knelt down and hugged Susie. Through her tears she said, "Thank you, darling girl, this will help a lot."

Mrs Smith accepted Susie'a act of kindness and took it one step further. She purchased a small key ring with a plexiglass picture frame - the ones designed to carry keys and proudly display a family portrait at the same time.  Mrs Smith placed Susie's Band-Aid in the frame to remind herself to heal a little every time she sees it.  She wisely knows that healing takes time and support.  It has become her symbol for healing, while not forgetting the joy and love she experienced with her daughter.

Melandee McCarty

Love and Smiles

Afriendlysmile :)  

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denim1951 wrote: Thank you for sharing the story. In times of sadness we all need a good friend to help out. I have been able to help others too and its a blessing for us both. May God bless you and your family.
babynurse wrote: Thank you! That is so sweet. Children can really touch your heart. God Bless.
brighteyes wrote: afs: GREAT kindness story.....thanks for sharing.....good reading first thing in the morning....gets me in the right frame of mind for the new day!
Smiles "Eyes" ;)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: I love the story! The smallest things can make the biggest difference all the time. Thanks for sharing!
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Eyes
Thanks for comment.

What I missed out and ment to say was that something so little can have a lasting profound effect if given with a pure heart.
Lots of love and smiles
smilelots144 wrote: Kids can see life so simply! It's awesome! I love the way the world looks in the eyes of a child! Let's love eachother like that! :)
smilelots144 wrote: Kids can see life so simply! It's awesome! I love the way the world looks in the eyes of a child! Let's love eachother like that! :)
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi MakeSomeonesmile great to see your name again, thanks for comment.
Go smiling

ieiblue wrote: hey so nice smile... got a good see a missing my family back home....thanks for the healing... ;p
smittyswife wrote: Thank you for that story. It is truely INSPIRNG

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