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Desire To Learn

--by hobo, posted Sep 27, 2007

I was out at the hobby store looking for some new enhancements for my remote helicopter and as I was leaving the store right next to it was one of those learning stores. The kind that sell educational supplies and games. I am constantly amazed at the items that are available for kids these days so I stopped in to satisfy my own curriosity. 

While looking around I noticed signs that stated discounts to teachers.  I remembered a story on the news about some teachers using their own money to buy supplies so I posed as a new teacher so green that I didn't know anything about processes.  At the check out the manager told me how many teachers come in and purchase supplies the school can't or won't buy for the class.  That is so wrong.  We spoke for awhile and as luck would have it a teacher came up to check out and I stepped aside.  It seems many are regulars and the manager knows the story about most of them. That was all I needed to know. 

I was put in touch with this manager for a reason. After the teacher left I explalined to the manager that I wanted to help.  Did they have any gift certificates I could purchase?  They did and I bought some. I handed them back to the manager and explained God wanted her to give them to the most needy teachers.

Just as I started to leave and the manager asked me for my name, I turned and winked and said it was not from me and my name is not important.  I know some kids will be able to do better this coming year and that makes me smile.

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bea wrote: Keep it up
brighteyes wrote: Hobo...teachers have been supplying many of their own needs since I was a kid...many truly love children.....there should be a fund where we can donate and help subsidize them....maybe you can next time in that store...
bhappy wrote: Hobo, What a special act of kindness.. I agree with Brighteyes, there should be a fund where all can donate. Have a Sunshine Day!!! Becki
Shannanigans wrote: That was a fantastic gesture and you can't even imagine how far reaching your actions go. They touch the teacher, the children she/he teaches, the people they meet...amazing!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is a great act of kindness you performed. It will continue to help the teachers and ultimately the kids, which is great. Thanks for sharing!
ieiblue wrote: thank you for the act.. a teacher myself it will be a great help!!!! thank you so much.... :p

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