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A Helping Hand

--by sunny9874, posted Oct 2, 2007

I volunteer at a charity on fridays. I take calls and assess needs and then find churches to fill those needs. Everything is done over the phone. I have been wanting to make a connection and today I got the chance. Someone called in about a developmentally disabled young woman who had a one year old son.

She used her whole check to pay a deposit on an apartment and had no money left to feed her son. He had been eating tater tots cooked in a microwave for three days. She literally has nothing but an apartment, a bed and a microwave.

My friend and I decided to try and reach out and help this woman. We rounded up food and diapers, pots pans, utensils, toilet paper ---  a whole truck load of donated stuff and went to meet her. Tomorrow we are taking her a sofa and chair that someone donated.she was very shy because she stutters. The baby was so cute. She was very happy to see us. Hopefully she is going to be open to us mentoring her. We will be trying to build a relationship with her and her son.

It is very fullfilling to help someone in this way, to actually see a face and know that we helped.

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Bridgette wrote: thats so nice for u to help I love to help others in their time of need
bobbi wrote: Now these are the kind of stories that hit me between the eyes. It is more than likely because I been there. I know what it is like to be hungry, lonely and tired of living. God is good and God is great!
DCFreak wrote: That is so nice. Keep on doing the awesome work. When you do good things for other people you will get rewarded. God will bless you majorly.
blunt wrote: That was very nice of you helping one of God's children, I wish you the best, and may God bless you and your Friend, I wish you would tell us more about this after.. so long
sweetviolet wrote: what a wondeful kindness good for you.
Angel4eva wrote: sunny ur so sweet that lady will apreciate what you have done for her!
EePee wrote: Keep up the fantastic work! You always get back what you give!!
parsaakbar wrote: Hi,

That was really kind of you to help and I am sure the deed is really liked by Allah, who loves nothing more than when his people love and care about there fellow creatures.

Great Job. Keep it up.

Keep smiling:)
brighteyes wrote: Sunny....kudo's to you and your charity....others will be blessed by your generosity and compassion.
Smiling "Eyes" ;)

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