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Something I Can Never Repay

--by silviantonia, posted Jan 26, 2015
This is my share for day 2... I wrote it yesterday and then forgot to post it.

Every year I go a protest in Fort Benning, Georgia, and serve as an interpreter for victims and the families of victims of torture. Last year I could not attend because my stepdaughter had died in October, and I had been ill and my husband was very depressed, so I asked the airline to credit my account with the unused tickets.

Earlier this year my husband passed away, and then I went to Florida for my brother, who also passed away, and I completely forgot about these tickets, which were to expire on October 31 of this year. When I went to make reservations again, I found I had tickets that had expired on that day, and called Customer Service. The young woman who responded, called Ashley, spent a lot of time on the telephone, located the online obituaries, and submitted a request for a credit.

I don't know whether the credit will be issued, but her kindness to me, her spending at least 15 to 20 minutes on the phone with a stranger, was such a beautiful example of kindness for others that I began crying on the telephone while I blessed her.

This is something, whether I get a credit or not, that I can never repay. It is an example of that shining spirit in human beings that rises above the usual corporate attitudes. I am grateful.
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Patjos wrote: I am grateful for you, silviantonia.

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