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Grace Intrudes : )

--by gritsincminor, posted Jul 24, 2015
Friends: If it were not for gratitude coming upon me, I would still be taking most of life for granted. In 1986, I sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a severe beating.

When I woke up, I couldn't move my right side or speak or breathe on my own. One of my therapists was a man named Glen. Most days, he'd come into my room to exercise my muscles. As I couldn't speak, I found myself listening to Glen's voice, his words. "I sense shadows from you Melissa. Don't you know that they are caused by light being around? Grace may sometimes seem unfair, or feel or look icky, but friend, it is still grace."

Although at that moment I wasn't sure if I'd ever move, speak or breathe normally, that didn't seem to matter. For the 1st time I could remember, my thoughts of myself were neither negative nor critical.

Master Glen started in me a journey which continues today. He is one of many who taught & teach me that as long as I am willing to live a grateful life, I am less likely to take the all of life for granted.
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jabp wrote: Thanks for sharing your experience of grace, Melissa. Every breath, every heartbeat is a gift - yet so easily overlooked when our mind stories take center stage. Life is the first gift of Grace.
jennifersmith wrote: What a beautiful story! Thank you for blessing us with it!
debbe530 wrote: Thanks for sharing a beautiful story about this wonderful Earth angel. Glad you are better.

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