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Teaching Random Acts Of Kindness

--by jacqueline, posted Sep 28, 2007

I shared with a friend my discovery of this wonderful website and she was very inspired to join the "club".  I gave her the link to the website and some smile cards to get her started.

That weekend we attended a local function together but travelled in our own vehicles.  It was prepay carparking so when I stopped to pay for my carpark I handed the attendant an extra $5.00 to pay for my friend (she was following behind me). 

I explained to the attendant about paying it forward and asked her to pass on a smile card to the car behind me.  The attendant was moved by my generosity and couldn't wait to pass the card on.

As I drove off and glanced back in my mirror, words cannot explain the joy on my friends face and also the car park attendant! 

When we parked our cars, my friend was so grateful and I replied "You've just been tagged, that's how you play the game!  Don't forget to pay it forward!".

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kylierose16 wrote: Oh thats so awesome ! :-) Yay I have internet at our new place now, so can get back on this site and be inspired! And can also keep in touch with you via email again ! I so look forward to meeting you some time soon :-) Keep writing, love reading your stuff. Kylie
AURELIA wrote: Jacqueline...You Got It! and now you are Teaching/Inspiring others to be Kind. That is such a beautiful thing to do. I enjoy reading everything. Keep it up. ~Aurelia
Alraisi wrote: That's a nice one you did. I like it when you did that. But something which it would also be great if you did. That why didn't you also give a Smile Card to the attendent it would also make him/her happy and that was nice from you. Keep It Up. Nice Work...!!!
parsaakbar wrote: Hi,

That was a good idea. I have done the same with my sister she is also the member with this wonderful website and I have sent a couple to mail to my friends who live far off and requested to donate there skill as they are really good in sketching, music etc.
Hope that this family gets bigger and better with the ideas we share each passing day.

brighteyes wrote: had me smiling and it was a hot day and I was tired and blah til I popped into this site and starting reading all the stories and to get me some more smile cards....running low....keep the RAOK coming and share stories....we love'em and each one makes a difference...very uplifting and inspiring....
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
tenderheart wrote: great idea. nice you inspire your friend and now she is part of the family. we need to spread the word and make this website big and awesome in order to make a difference. it;s very thoughtful of you to inspire others. Thanks for sharing.

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