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Staying Late to Clean Up

--by Aurelia, posted Sep 27, 2007

A neighbor of mine celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday. His family gave him a nice birthday party with wonderful music and food. They actually had a Pig Roast. 70 people were at his house to celebrate with him. The food was delicious and the Pig was a real treat.

We all enjoyed his beautiful back yard. We played horseshoes, bocci, volleyball and listened to music.

About 11pm everyone started leaving. I too was tired and ready to leave! Then I looked around at all the cups, plates and Soda/beer cans. Lots of food needed to be covered up and brought into the house. I said to my husband that I wouldn't be leaving yet and I was helping clean up the party area.  He stayed to help to and we all got it cleaned up quickly. Then we were invited to sit down around  a bonfire to enjoy it's beauty and relax just bit before we left a 1am.

I'm glad we stayed to clean up.

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Angel4eva wrote: thats so nice Aurelia your my role model!!
Angel4eva wrote: wonderful!!
tenderheart wrote: nice. Its was so nice of you to were their miracle. Something so simple yet you guys were able to enjoy the rest of the night we them and enjoy the beauties that surrounded you. Im glad you help. :)
eleutheria wrote: Late night conversations, around a fire, are so magical. It's nice of you to be so thoughtful, to notice that they needed help clearing up, and i'm sure they were greatful for that.
brighteyes wrote: Want to come live in my neighborhood Aurelia? Would love a buddy and neighbor like you....and who says they are not a "Goodness Guru", hmmm???
Smiles from Eyes ;)

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