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Make-Up I Never Used

--by tenderheart, posted Sep 28, 2007

I was cleaning my make-up box and realized that I have so much make-up that I haven't used or even opened!

And of all a sudden, I remembered that I still have some of the smile cards and a bulb lit up inside me.

I decided to collect all my unused make-up -- lip gross, eyeshadows, lipstick, and lots of other things -- and put it on an Asian dress purse with a smile card.   Then, I gave that purse to my boyfriend so he can gift it to his sister.

My boyfriend told me that his sister was so excited because she got home and saw the purse with goodies but has no idea why or who gave it to her!  I just love to give such surprises. I know she is dying to know who did it.

Do something nice for someone no matter how small the act is.

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greeneyes wrote: Miss Tenderheart,
Fantastic idea! I'm sure you made her day. This gives me ideas of what to send my grandaughters in these cute little bags I have saved for them. Thanks for sharing.


germainej wrote: That's really sweet of you! I know i would have loved it if someone did that to me :)
Angel4eva wrote: your so right
AURELIA wrote: Miss Tenderheart...What a spectacular idea! Girls love makeup...and you really made her day. Thanks for the encouragement to get out there and do RAOK. ~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: This is another great, creative idea I read these last few to share my excess or old stuff with my nieces who are "girlie-girls"!
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)

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