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A Cell Phone On The Curb

--by mlsmolens, posted Sep 25, 2007
I am visiting my oldest daughter and 2 grandsons in Coconut Grove, Miami Florida, and walking home from a wonderful lunch in the Grove with my 4 year old grandson on my head. Tonight is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in the Jewish religion, my family is all together - life couldn't be better.

I notice a shiny new cellphone lying on the curb, which someone had obviously dropped.  We were a block away from the busy area of the Grove, and I thought for a moment - "If I leave it, someone could pick it up and not return it, or maybe the owner would return and retrace their steps to see where it might have dropped."  On the other hand, I thought, "If I pick it up, for sure they will call and have their phone returned." 

So I picked it up, walked the half mile back to my daugher's house, with Daniel on my head as I try to explain to him why I picked up the phone.  While walking into the house, the phone rang, and a frantic woman's voice asked who I was, and why I picked up the phone.  I calmed her down, explained why I picked it up, and gave her directions to the house. 

When she arrived a few minutes later, before she could say anything, I handed her the phone with a smile card, and said to her to please give the card to someone else she does a similar good deed for.  The look on her face, and how I felt inside, were beyond words, and this feeling cannot be purchased, bottled or duplicated without it coming from the heart!
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Lindsay wrote: Hashem put you on that path for a reason. I lost my phone at trader joes grocery store about a month or so ago and i was absolutely frantic when i didn't know where it was. It was yom kippur yet-- and still you chose to look beyond yourself and complete the mitzvah of helping someone find an important lost item.

G-d bless you with health and happiness.
katlampi wrote: Oh this is the sweetest story!! I wish everyone could be so kind!
madcow wrote: Honesty reaps its own rewards and you deserve the best, I wish everyone thought like you, Bless You
Nickgrand wrote: Nice story!!!
bluqtgyrl wrote: what a nice story, thanks for sharing!
DCFreak wrote: That is such a nice thing you did! I wish everyone would be as nice as you! You are a great inspiration to everyone! That was an awesome way to pass a smile card! Hopefully she didn't trough it away and she passed it on. This is an awesome story and hopefully she will rember what you did! Awesome job!
chelle wrote: this story is good and thank u for sharing it with us(as a youngster). hmmm...GOD BLESS
imaniceperson wrote: I bet she'll repay the offer to someone down the road because of your kind actions. Thanks for spreading kindness.
mvuyisi wrote: i had the similar experience but i was on the recieving end and i thank you and all the people like you who do that and i promise my self to do the same ... God bless
akbj wrote: I can only imagine that the woman remembered what happened, & perhaps she too paid it foward. Great story

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