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Life is Easy

--by KindSpring, posted Jan 4, 2015
"Life is easy" says Jon Jandai. "Why do we have to make it so difficult?" After pursuing "success" in Bangkok for several years, Jo dropped out of university to return to village life.

There, he went back to the life he knew as a child, working 2 months of the year to grow rice (with an additional 15 minutes a day to grow vegetables), dug a couple of fish ponds, built his own homes using earthen bricks, and gave up buying clothes (he has so many clothes from friends and visitors that he has to give them away).

Jon contends that to be happy, we cannot just rely on money; we have to reconnect with each other.

Check out this inspiring video to hear more about Jon's amazing story!

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vanessa1 wrote: Great story, this really resonates with me.
sandra wrote: Wonderful story and i too believe that getting back to the basics of our earth totally 'uncomplicates' life; unfortunately, i don't have what it takes to do so, but i admire those who do, like jon obviously does.
abhi.aryu wrote: Really nice. Life is easy. It's up-to us how we look at life. Great inspirational story!

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