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Gentleman at the Terra Linda Jamba Juice

--by Michele Genevieve, posted Sep 30, 2007
Life has been stressful lately due to recent financial constraints among other things, so I decided to treat myself at Jamba Juice near Northgate on my lunch hour. Ahead of me was a 30-something, tall, good looking chap who, after putting in his order, turned to me and said to the cashier "and put this lady's order on my tab."

Talk about knocking me over with a feather! I was speechless and open-mouthed for a moment but quickly revived, thanked him and put my order in. He said that he just felt it was the right thing to do and every once in a while you have do something nice for a stranger.

No, he wasn't flirting or trying to pick me up. He was just a nice person who was feeling good and wanted to pass on his good energy to someone else. His name was Patrick and I promised him that, at a time in the future when it felt right, I would PAY IT FORWARD.

I'm starting by posting this ad. Also, to tesify that this is not the first time this has happened to me. It seems that at crucial times in my life, when I am feeling doubt, fear, uncertainty, God (or the Universe, if you prefer) sends someone, usually a stranger, to do or say something nice which inspires me to hang in there and keep the faith.

I read stories about people encountering angels who help them out of crisis or emergency situations. I don't know if the kind strangers who have bolstered me throughout my life were angels or not. I do think that there is a kind of "angel power" that everyone has access to, if they are open to it. I think Patrick was open to do today and I was the recipient that was blessed by his kindness.

Thanks again Patrick and to everyone about doing or saying something nice today for a stranger without them having to ask you? Something small like letting someone go ahead of you in a grocery line? Just follow your intuition, go with the flow and you will know who to bestrow the blessing of your compassion and kindness to.

And to those who are the recipients.....PAY IT FORWARD!
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Sophie wrote: This post brought tears to my eyes just tnnikihg of how that might have felt to the couple who had spent all that time planning their wedding. I remember seeing your post that day about the view point inn being on fire and i was hoping that everything would turn out. Looking at these pictures, you would never know any of that! Gorgeous photos as usual maggie and a beautiful couple. So happy to heard about this amazing ending!
Thaata wrote: All of us are put on this earth by god for a purpose. Let us be kind like patrick and carry forward god's job.
katlampi wrote: You are absolutely right -- God puts people (even strangers) in our lives for a reason. This is a really great example of that. Thank you for sharing this.
xamphia wrote: We should all be more like Patrick.
madcow wrote: Thank you for sharing that spontaneous kindness with us and bless you and Patrick too.
Gail wrote: I agree whole heartedly with the comments about one good deed done is kindness will give birth to another, and so on! And as for angels, of course they exist! That is a doubly good reason to be kind to others...they might just be an angel in disguise!
A. S. Mathew wrote: It is the physical law " for every action, there an equal and opposite reaction". I used to spend my tea allowance from my father for poor people while attending college in India.
When I came to the U.S. in 1971, to a totally different culture and strange
people in Tennessee, God prepared totally
strange people to entertain me on
Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. God's word
is solid, His promises are sure, and when
we apply that by faith, miracles will
happen at the right time. Some of my
Indian friends had jealousy because I got a lot of favor from totally strange
people. None of our good deeds won't go
speedi wrote: What a sweet thing to do and I agree with what goes around comes around and I prefer to pay it forward since I cannot see or predict the future.
Bless you
smoothsugardoll wrote: what a wonderful man, and a sweet young lady let me ahead of her at walmart today. See people are still kind in these crazy days.
akbj wrote: That's just awesome. How good you must have felt, & by sharing the story, think how many other people are sharing your warmth over what happened.

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