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Awarding Compassion

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Feb 3, 2015
My daughter Rachel won an award at her school for compassion a few years ago.

Her school recognizes one student each month for a specific trait. When the Caring pillar was recognized, Rachel was selected by her school. She was happy she won a bike. The principal read the reasons she had won.

It was so special to me to hear the many kind things she does at school and how she demonstrates kindness and compassion often. We work hard to instill kindness and compassion in our children and it is a wonderful thing to hear how it goes when we are not around.

It was a precious moment full of love. One of my top 5 biggest hugs ever was given was that day. Seeing my daughter’s kind heart in action is one of the most precious memories I will ever have!
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lya348 wrote: How proud you must have been of your daughter for taking what she learned at home and applying it to her life where ever she is! And kudos to the school as well for recognizing the importance of compassion and kindness in it's students and how it contributes to the scholastic environment. What a beautiful testament to your excellent parenting!
drdeb wrote: Beautiful story, huge testament to you, rachel and her school's administration. How wonderful that they see fit to recognize compassion, and especially with such a tangible reward. That's better than an a in math.
sandyremillar wrote: The apple does not fall far from the tree! Great teaching. Makesoemonesmile!
Mish wrote: Well she has great role models MSS!! :))). Awesome.
starryskies wrote: Wow, that really is something to be proud of!! I can't think of a more important award and can't imagine how special it was for you to hear about her kind acts. :) LOVE that the school recognizes compassion, too! So awesome.

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