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A Blind Date And An Eyebrow Wax

--by Rice, posted Oct 11, 2007

I was sitting in the salon with my eyebrows bushy and badly needing a wax. The man tells me it'll be ten minutes.  Ok, I'll be back I say. And I'm back in 10 and waiting patiently. 

Just then a lady walks in requesting the same service - an eyebrow wax. The man asks her if she wants to wait awhile. She laughs and responds, "Do I want to wait? No."  She readies herself to turn around and leave. I speak up and ask if it's still 10 minutes for me? No, it will be 20 minutes for the new lady, your turn is now.

What else can I do? I tell him "No, please give my turn to this lady and I'll come back tomorrow." He looks at me confused "That's what you want to do?"

The lady thanks me and asks how did I know she had a blind date? I winked at her and told her "A woman knows these things" LOL

Again many thanks and warm wishes go around. I head to my car and remember my SMILE card. I run back in and she's sitting in "my" chair with her eyes closed. I place the card on her lap and told her to do me a favor and read it when she had a chance...**POOF** I was gone.

My eyebrows are still bushy but I feel good! Never know, she could have met her future husband tonight! 8)

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Nikki wrote: That was so nice of you! You are really a remarkable person! I just wanted to tell you that! And. Funny too!
Thaata wrote: It is the small things that prick us most. So when we do small things that helps others it brings happiness everywhere. A nice experience shared.
Sydney wrote: This is great! What a lovely sweet (and funny) raok
katlampi wrote: Ha! This story is awesome! It's those little things we can do that can completely change somebody's day! I am new to the site, and just learning about the idea of a Smile Card -- it's really a cool concept!! Also, I worked at a salon, and I wish more people would have had the grace and patience that you had to help out another woman. God Bless!
patsgirl wrote: How kind, You made her day.. lets hope she had a good date, and to you.. keep up the good work with or without bushy eyebrows.
EmpressReign wrote: Oh that was funny...I know that you made her day!!!!
smoothsugardoll wrote: you are awesome, I hope she did meet her future husband and he treats her like a queen. Yours too.
Angel4eva wrote: your super nice!!!
Angel4eva wrote: but i don't belive in stuff like that i belive beauty is natural so be happy with yourself
AURELIA wrote: Rice, You are Super! I loved reading your had me laughing so hard thinking of your BUSHY eyebrows! I hope the other lady had a nice date. You've inspired me to be on the look out for RAOK at the Mall today. :) ~Aurelia

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