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Balls of Yarn

--by Flipper, posted Oct 11, 2007
I bet that everyone has a local seniors center or home in their neighborhood! Everyone has an opportunity to make a seniors day.

For the past 13 years I have been buying huge garbage bags of yarn at the Salvation Army and other second hand store were I can purchase this cheap (for I do not have much money) and then I drop them off at the local seniors home.

Many seniors love to knit and do crafts. But many homes do not supply this! Senior homes have limited funds and most do not supply what they determine extras. So why not make a seniors day in your area. I bet they will appreciate it!

I get the biggest JOY from seeing what they have made out of the yarn.
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walkingraven wrote: What an awesome idea! The thrift shop has boxes and boxes of yarn that need a home. Two nursing homes nearby! Thank you thank you for sharing that!
Flipper wrote: That's GREAT! Seniors homes are so under funded, this is a great way to give to seniors even when you do not have lots of funds to works with! Thanks for helping the seniors in your neighborhood WalkingRaven.

Tikit wrote: What a great idea! I am "stealing" it from you, as I am always scouring for new ideas, and we have a senior center here, and a Goodwill store with LOTS of yarn. (well no more, after today) LOL
Angel4eva wrote: WOW!!
they must have really big smiles on their faces!!
Flipper wrote: Yes! But another great benefit is that most homes also has a place that the seniors can sell thier items that they have made to make a little extra money so they can go out and buy themselves something that they would like. That alone brings them joy! For it is money that they have earned!
Alraisi wrote: Wow. Thanx for sharing and I think your idea is very good and we need to try it at least. Keep It Up...!!!
parsaakbar wrote: Hi goodnessflipper,
That was really kind of you. There are two thing I have to say.
1) I believe when a persons does something good even when he is a bit tight in funds that shows he really cares. My mom used to say us when you remember god in the later part( ie old age) he will respond to you but he (God) likes when children at the early age pray coz there age is to play and party instead they give thanks to god for all that he has given them and try to help other less fortunate. So what you did is most loved by god.
2) In our religion we are taught that when your parents reach old age don’t speak to them harshly or don’t even say Ah, or show displeasure. And you have been kind to old people, that says you are really kind to you parents and they are really lucky to have a child like you.

Keep it up.
Keep smiling:)

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