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Seeing the Joy Spread

--by sunny9874, posted Oct 12, 2007
Yesterday, while shopping I reached for a cart at the same time as another woman. She immediately let go of the cart and said " you carriage has arrived, madam".  She gave the cart to me.

I was so shocked and I said "that was a random act of kidness". She said, "yes it was" and at the same time we said "" we laughed like crazy and shared the basket.
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churchlady wrote: I live in a fairly small city in Canada. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have that happen here!

Thanks for sharing!
jojomcb wrote: this story put a smile on my face
akbj wrote: That is too funny & cool. What a great story, thanks for sharing it. Gave me a chuckle, & a good feeling.
vani wrote: what a greta thing u find one new friend
Glitterz wrote: I'm smiling. Sometimes its the smallest things that can lift our spirits. It's amazing how things work out when we have kindness front and center in our minds.
rockl35 wrote: that is such a simple and good idea!! thanks for sharing
austin wrote: it was a very good story on how the lady gave the girl the shopping the last shopping kart.
speedi wrote: Thank you,,your smile helped start my day with a smile!
smoothsugardoll wrote: this story is so cool. I't good to see we are growing everywhere
cannndie wrote: hahaahaahaha ok

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