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Gift From The Universe

--by mikee, posted Oct 15, 2007
I was recently taking a walk and noticed a tree with a low-hanging branch reaching out towards me. I immediately saw it as a hand reaching out, offering to take my hand. It felt good to think of the notion of one being there to hold my hand in difficult times.

Later I considered this tree to be a lesson for me. It was a reminder that the universe offers us all we need to traverse life's challenges. It only requires that we be "present" in the moment to see what is before us.
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JuneBug wrote: That's a wonderful thought!
Angel4eva wrote: thats so nice
AURELIA wrote: Very Good Insight! Good for you for seeing what was right in front of you waiting to be discovered. :)~Aurelia
warmth wrote: very very very good experience. It is really overwhelming at the way you felt abt the whole thing. Thank you so much for sharing it. A big hug :)
Angel4eva wrote: thats right and thank you for sharing that story with me

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