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A Dime for a Folder

--by mikee, posted Oct 16, 2007
I have recently thought about an incredible act of compassion extended to me many years ago.

In fourth grade we were suppose to bring in a dime for a folder to use in class. My parents were divorced and money was in short supply. Watching my mom fend off creditors, I did not have the nerve to ask her for a dime. When I got to school, I really wish I had asked my mother for the dime because everybody else in class had the dime ready on their desk for the teacher. I was embarrassed and felt silly.

Somehow, A girl named Karen, sitting next to me, saw my personal suffering and waited until the last second to put a dime on the corner of my desk. Even though I never said a word, she saw my quiet anguish and only wanted to relieve it. She said nothing and I was too embarrassed to say thank you. It was the most genuine, authentic act of kindness I've ever experienced.
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falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: OK, my eyes are full of tears. sigh...
katlampi wrote: Such a simple act of kindness, yet it affected you so much and has stayed in your memory! This is a great story -- thank you for sharing!
frances wrote: wow!beautiful kindness
Daniel wrote: Well, its funny that the story is evoking so much passion. In African rural setting, if one wants to start recounting goodwill and kindness shown to one, one could never recount them all. This is because showing kindness and compassion is trully an African virtue. Its also paradoxical that babarism is also our lot!Yes kindness is good, but its also NORMAL!
Colette Brenaman wrote: What touched me most about this story was the age of its characters. Children are often cruel and thoughtless, but they can also be amazingly sensitive and compassionate. What seems like such a small act of kindness can be and often is remembered for a lifetime, but it can also serve as a guide post for subsequent behavior.
Aurelia wrote: WOW, Isn't something how a simple act of kindness can make the difference we need. I am glad you remembered after all these years, maybe you can pass the story on to your own kids...start them off by one we can make a huge impact. ~AURELIA
morningstar wrote: Seems like the more true compassion one experiences from others, the more one is inspired to help - randomly and /or anonamously. The $20 I give to "streetbums" at Christmas comes from the same $20 I was given when I was also on the street years ago. Giving from an open heart without need of "thanks" is as pure as Spring rain - and as refreshing!
siame kaunda wrote: the true story has added to the fact that when u think that all is lost God comes comes in and gives life to a dead situation
Hepsi wrote: Give you will be given.
wayne kerr wrote: kindness?thats racism.
the boy was black so he was poor.
his mums a hooker ofcourse you can ask her for a dime.

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