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Pass The Buck!

--by earthling, posted Oct 21, 2007
Few months ago, a friend of mine handed me an envelope. Intrigued, I opened it and found a dollar bill.. A dollar? For what?

My friend launched into an animated articulation of how he received a gift of $20 and he decided to split it up and give a dollar to 20 of his friends to do random acts of kindness. Multiply all the goodness that comes with an offering twenty-fold!

Last week I was walking in a nearby downtown to keep a baby entertained while the  rest of the family watched a movie. The downtown is really small so we ended up pacing up and down the same street many times over.

There was this small ice cream shop, half-way between 2 blocks, that kept drawing me. I saw two girls, about fifteen years, doling out cones and cups with a great smile and attitude. The line was long and so was their smile, for every customer I could see.

After few crissings and crossings, I walked in as one of the girls was serving a Butter Scotch cone and gently dropped a dollar bill in the tip jar. She broke up in a surprise smile - "But you didn't buy any treats! And I just smiled and said it is a treat to watch those who serve with a smile.

She elbowed the other girl and whispered something in her ear and they both burst into an un-orchestrated but symphonic THaaaaanK YOuuuoo. A few customers tried to understand what was going on and smiled and nodded.

And I echoed it to all the links up the dollar chain I could see.
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Rajni wrote: Universe sends us the signals of inter-connectedness of persons or things but a very few like you notice it. Thanks for this beautiful share.
iferlamb wrote: I like the concept of splitting the $20 into 20 acts of kindness! Better than any other return you will ever get for a $20. 00 investment! Wonderful!
lol wrote: Lol no one noticed how evil johnny's comment was
praveendm wrote: " It is a treat to watch those who serve with a smile " Really..It is a treat!!!
captainkirk1 wrote: This is a good example of generosity and sharing. Truly, there is more happiness (and more smiles) in giving than there is in receiving!
jojomcb wrote: too cool for words...............
Glitterz wrote: Don't you just love doing random acts of kindess like this? Kudos to you for your thoughtfulness. It's amazing how a seeming minute act can make someone's day a lot brighter!
katlampi wrote: Little things like that can totally make somebody's day, especially when they are in customer service and have had to deal with crabby people. God Bless people like you!! :)
ejike wrote: well i think it's cool.
megs wrote: Totally Awesome!! (:


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