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--by Angel4eva, posted Oct 22, 2007

One day I was walking out of Mcdonalds when a man  deliberately walked into a girl. The milkshake she was holding out of her hands fell on the floor with a SPLAT!                                                                                                                           I quickly went inside and bought a milkshake and went back outside and  gave it to the girl. She smiled and slurped happily while her mum was profusely thanked me!!                                                                                    

I felt so warm and fuzzy inside. And yet I walked away as though nothing had just happened. :-)



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Moodbeam wrote: He deliberately walked into her? Why? Was this an assault?
smoothsugardoll wrote: giving = fuzzy lol
AURELIA wrote: What a quick thinker! That was so nice of you to do that for a stranger. Keep up the good work. :) ~Aurelia
dancingDog wrote: A wonderful thing to do! I'm sure the girl will remember your kindness for a long time :=D

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