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Eight People in One House

--by Lezah, posted Oct 22, 2007

I work with a young lady that lives in a house she shares with 8 other people.  Two are children.  None of the other adults have a job.  She supports them with food and everything else they all need.  She earns a very modest salary and they struggle to survive.

Her mother lives with her too.  I have offered her mother domestic work at my house on Saturdays in order to supplement their income. I also supply all old clothes and shoes from my home that we do not use anymore.  I help with food sometimes when I can too.

I believe in helping where you can. I know that I have at least made a difference in the lives of 9 other people over the last few months.

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smoothsugardoll wrote: Sometimes just a little goes a long way. God Bless you.
AURELIA wrote: Lezah, what a kind heart you have! When times are tough it's nice to know that others care. I will pray for that family to find jobs so that they will be able to live a more stress-free lifestyle. Thanks for being such a giving person. ~Aurelia
integrity wrote: You Are Awesome! That's the kind of help I Love to read about. Thank you for posting your wonderful story. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work. You are making a huge difference in their lives. I know personally.
Angel4eva wrote: you are so great they will be living like normal people in no time!!

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