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Re-keying a Home

--by integrity, posted Oct 23, 2007
A friend of my fiancé’s called in a bit of a panic.  She needed the locks on her doors to her home replaced or re-keyed that evening. 

We drove over and checked everything out.  While the two friends chatted, I went to the local hardware store with her cash in hand and purchased a set of same-key front and back door locking knobs with deadbolts.  I purchased them with my check card.  I came back, installed the knobs and deadbolts, and handed her the new keys.

While I was installing the locks on the back door I thought it would be a good idea to take the cash she gave me for the locks and slide it under one of her fridge magnets along with a smile card.  I almost made it out of there before she found it.  Not so anonymous.

She hugged me for about a minute and she was weeping.  I was a bit emotional myself.  She didn't try to make me to take the money back.  She just smiled with a little tear on her cheek and said thank you.  What a beautiful evening that was.

Thank you for making these special moments possible and creating this place for us to share our stories. Peace and Love
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Readers Comments

tfash wrote: it is very kind of you.i appreciate your gesture.i applaude you
smoothsugardoll wrote: God bless you for helping your friend in such a special way.
katlampi wrote: Integrity, this is such a great act of kindness. It is always nice to know that we have an excellent support network of friends who go out of their way for us in our time of need. Thank you for sharing.
Lezah wrote: Beautiful heart, beautiful soul!!
AURELIA wrote: Hi Integrity...She is lucky to have great friends like you and your fiance. Giving so unselfishly is what makes you feel so good. Your friend knew you wanted to help her and it was an act straight from your heart and that's why it was so emotional. Keep up the good work. I'm so inspired! ~Aurelia
Alraisi wrote: That's so emotional and I want to cry also. I like it when You did this. I also never take money when I help someone. Because I feel it is bad to do it. What you did was such a wonderful thing and I like it when you did it. So Just keep It Up...!!!
GOD Bless You...!!!
Angel4eva wrote: how wonderful god bless you
oh and keep on smiling!!

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