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Taking Off My Shoes

--by guin, posted Aug 13, 2008

Today was a rainy day and I was walking down the street feeling blessed. I felt like doing something kind for someone else, almost as if I was trying to spread the abundance of love I was receiving.

I suddenly saw this teenage girl dressed in tattered clothes, getting soaked and without any footwear. She was making her way through the dirty garbage and sewers, trying to pick something that would be of use.

I immediately told her to wait for me there as I ran home to get her something.   Spontaneously, I took off my shoes, which I really love, wrapped them up in a plastic cover and gave it to the teenage girl on the street.

The girl looked shocked as if she is so not used to this kind of kindness.  She almost couldn't believe it.

A distinguished musician who lives down the street corner stopped his car to peer and smile when he saw what happened. The two watchmen who witnessed the little act chattered and gave me friendly looks.

(Today, I wore my dads shoes, feeling grateful even if they were a bit large for my feet.)

It takes so little to help people sometimes, if we just let go of our possessions.

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Readers Comments

glenn wrote: Don't listen to picheck and the others that question. I don't question your verasity i believe you because you you because you chose to share it with us. If it was fake it is on you. Keep om doing good!
moni wrote: Hi guin,
U made my dayas well.

God bless.

BedBug wrote: In letting go of our possessions we receive something of so much more value than any mere earthly belonging. You are very wise to see this.
PIeCheck wrote: I am very big on helping story sounds a little too fake...I am always happy to hear when people help others, but please don't make up things!
Lindsay wrote: You are a very generous person. I wish more people would see that doing the littlest things can make someone so happy. (:
annabelle wrote: Lovely story - you are well blessed and Im sure she passed her story on to others xxxx
Narissa wrote: I agree with PIeCheck...seriously, not cool!
disu wrote: you are an living example
Rainbow wrote: Reminds me of someone I saw (at a gas station)who took his woolly gloves off and gave them to a homeless person on a chilly night.

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