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A Five Lira Pick Me Up

--by AlbanyKate, posted Oct 24, 2007
I'm a university student from New York and I am currently studying abroad in Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, but every now and then I get homesick or feel sad or left out. Today I was having an especially bad day because I was struggling with a history paper and finals are this week as well. I was also feeling sort of lonely and left out.

I began to get teary eyed and I decided to leave my dormitory for a walk in the night air. As soon as I had walked a few steps into the hallway, I found a Five Lira Bill (5 YTL) on the ground. I looked all around to see if there was anybody that had lost it, but there was no one there.

Finding the money on the ground made me so happy, I forgot about my problems for a minute. It really picked me up and made me realize how small my problems really are.

Tomorrow I will try to use the 5 YTL Bill to make someone smile. :D

I feel like it doesn't belong just to me, but to the world. It was a piece of happiness sent to me from someone else, even if by mistake.
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candye wrote: you are special and don't let stress steal your joy. keep smiling and remember your purpose. great job. pay it forward to someone else
smoothsugardoll wrote: sometimes blessings come to make us see God is listening. Pass it on. Lift someone else. You have found the key. Many wonderful blessings to you always.
upwiththesun wrote: wishing you sunshine and rainbows while you are away from home. That 5 lira blessing was surely a sign that Someone is thinking of you!!
katlampi wrote: That is very noble of you to pay it forward. Istanbul sounds amazing; I can relate to your feelings of homesickness though. I moved cross country last year, and did not know anyone. Events like your story made my day. Thank you for sharing.
AURELIA wrote: AlbanyKate, I have a daughter in Albany. I like your name. I'm sorry that you are homesick. It sounds like you are very fortunate to be where you are and you'll have many stories to share with your family and friends for years to come. THANK YOU for picking up the money and sharing it with someone in need. Tell us about it tomorrow! :)Aurelia
lovebug wrote: It was no mistake, you were willing to share

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