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Earplugs for all!

--by Puppatina, posted Oct 25, 2007

This last weekend, my sweetie and I went to the San Jose Grand Prix. We are used to be around racing so we know that it's really important to have ear plugs at the ready.  We decided to carry a lot of extras and give them out to (mostly) kids. Then we thought why not add a smile card. It was the highlight of the weekend to give out the earplugs and tell the kids with a smile card, to pass it on!

Something I dearly love about my hometown, San Jose, is that it truly is a melting pot. The diversity is what makes my city so great.  Watching all kinds of people enjoy the races was really fun because even young "cool" men in their 20s had huge smiles on their faces and were really enjoying themselves. Their true, unmasked selves were showing and they were beautiful to see!

Lucky me to live here!

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katlampi wrote: This is a wonderful idea! Little things like this can completely change a person's experience and brighten their day. Thank you for sharing. God bless!
Ruby wrote: Yes, lucky you! And having read your truly nice story, not only on how great your city great but also about what you do to make your city even greater gave me this unexplained inner contentment and assurance not for myself but for my long time and very close friends that dates back to my childhood and had shared countless ups and downs together. You see, these friends of mine just moved to San Jose from our home country couple of months ago. And for knowing that they are living in such a friendly city makes me happier for them! God Bless you and the rest of San Jose!
LisaRNY wrote: What a wonderful thing to do. Great idea. I may do that next time we go to the races here in NY. Love it but yes it is LOUD! Never thought to do that before. Thanks...
lovebug wrote: I feel the wave rising, and can feel the millions of beautiful souls living today, thank you for sharing the ear plugs,we all need them to tune out
AURELIA wrote: Great Idea. Sounds like a fun time for all. :) ~Aurelia

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