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Late Night Dinner With Scott, Maia and the Host

--by hurricane, posted Oct 31, 2007
Last week, while visiting my Dad in Washington State with my daughter, we went to a local restaurant for a late dinner. 

When our host seated us, my dad asked him if there were any military having a meal in the establishment.  The host said there was a soldier eating dinner with his friend.  My dad told the host to tell the soldier and his friend that their dinner was paid for and that we should get dessert too!  He also stated that he did not want to be identified as the benefactor.

Our waitress, who witnessed this as well, commented on my dad's thoughtful "thank you" to this soldier, saying that she hadn't seen anything more profound.   At a local college, she was an Opera Major and as her humble way to thank my Dad, she performed a small piece of "The Pearl Fisherman."   Her voice brought me to tears because of its perfection!

Then the soldier appeared at our table and remarked that he was being deployed to Iraq the next morning and he could not leave this country without thanking my dad.   My dad replied that it was he who wanted to say thanks for what the soldier was about to embark upon.  They  shook hands as the soldier left.

Before we left, our host came by again.  "I was at a family reunion earlier, and I did a little magic show for the kids.  And I still have some of the props," he said as he pulled out the props and did a little magic show as a way to say "thanks" to my Dad.   He was really great and my daughter was totally amazed. 

The bill for Scott, the soldier, came to $59.00 (he also took home dessert -- a whole berry pie), and Dad left our waitress, Maia, a note with his email address asking for her next perfomance times at the University along with a $50 tip.  And the host, (sorry I cannot remember his name) I'm sure was left a little something too.

Everyone, including my 9 year old daughter, witnessed something exemplary in the human spirit that night.  I can only hope to see more of the same.
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lmil1954 wrote: You are blessed with an amazing dad! What an example for both you and your daughter to follow!
speedi wrote: Great Story! and what a wonderful act for one of the soldiers I am sure he was touched..
Bless you
rockl35 wrote: What a beautiful "send off" your dad provided for that solider and what a lovely example for you and your daughter. Your dad is the kind of person who still makes being an American great! God Bless you and yours and the soldiers fighting for our freedoms!
Ebbtide wrote: That is so touching! My older brother just joined the National Guard and I now feel a desire to show how much I support him and the other soldiers serving in our military, but until this story I was just wracking my brains trying to come up with a way of showing that appreciation. That was a wonderful act of kindness. :). Thank you so much for sharing it with us! :).
akbj wrote: Wow. I can only say that that experience touched so many people, first at the restaurant, & now as you tell the story. It spread at the restaurant, as more people got in on it. You can see how the employees were effected as well as the serviceman.
lillaura wrote: Mygosh what an amazing moment.
loretta wrote: Wow, I can not afford a dinner for someone but the next time I get a cup of coffee I'm going to pay for the person behind me.

Thank you sooo much for sharing this!
keshavarao wrote: what a wonderful act of kindness on soldier,wonderful
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a great story, thanks for sharing! Things like this make a difference to so many people that it touches.
AURELIA wrote: Wow! That's a super story. I am so happy your dad can afford to share such wealth with those people. They deserve to be treated special and your dad certainly showed his appreciation. ~Aurelia

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