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The License Plate Of A Car

--by PamelaJo, posted Nov 3, 2007

What is a hero but someone who helps us feel safe, however that is done.  Sometimes by an act of bravery, sometimes by giving their life, and sometimes by an everday gift of welcome.  However one is described, where heroes are concerned, bacause of each one,  the world is inevitably a safer place. 

She did not draw attention to herself in any way, it just is not who she is.  But she gives attention daily in doses sometimes that go unnoticed, except that you always feel better having simply been around her. 

Her name is Lucy.  She came up to me and introduced herself and asked if I knew the time of day.  Funny, but even as she asked, I suspected she meant more than the hour on my watch. 

I had just finished teaching a class for the summer.  I had taken the job to fill in for the regular professor who was on sabatical.  While I guess I was qualified for the position and did an ok job, I had still wondered if what I was doing made any sense.  Wasting people's time is not something I enjoy, and my insecurities always seem to edge me towards almost working myself into a lather about 'doing it right'  I am my own worst critic at times.

As I walked to my car, we made eye contact.  She appeared to be walking in the same direction.  We said hello and exchanged smiles.  One or both of us commented what a great day it was, the weather was beautiful and it felt like one of those 'skin kissing' kind of days.  Lucy commented that God is so good.  And she then said, "See what I mean?"  and directed my attention to the license plate of a car.  It read 'LOOK4GOD'.  We both stopped and continued to share how good God is.  It was like we had church right there in the parking lot.  And the glee on her face was contagious.  She parted by saying how glad she was that I was there and that we were sisters in the family of God. 

As odd as it may seem, Lucy was a hero to me that day.  I still remember her spirit and the connection she generated towards me.  I carry Lucy in my heart and seem to most remember her in times of doubt and insecurity.  And once again I feel safe.

Oh that the world had more Lucy's who help us to look for God and remember how safe we are in spririt and in love of one another :) 

By the way, the license plate was mine then and still is now on my car. 

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paddubai wrote: Him I call a Hero who is full of compassion and love for the mankind and particularly the Sufferring lot.
paddubai wrote: GOD cannot be seen by looking without but by looking whithin. If you have the compassion and love You can realise GOD whithin yourself. For more details contact me through this Group.
Flipper wrote: I believe that something that is said can change a persons day one way or the other. It can totally make someones day or it could be the last straw!

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