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My Friend, Howie

--by roxanne916, posted Nov 7, 2007

Actually, he started out as my step-dad's best friend since they were 5 and 6 years old, respectively.  They grew up in New York City.  Howie's home life was not good, very troubled. 

Still, he grew up to be a fine man, worked hard, married, and had two children.  His wife divorced him when the children were small and he kind of drifted through life, working, but no real focus.

I was almost 6 when my mother and stepfather met (again) and decided to make a life together.  Howie said to my dad, "You are going to live with her (meaning my mother)?  She has a kid, the kid will be an anchor and slow you down."

Howie would come over our house and eat dinner and spend time there.  I guess I kind of grew on him.  He taught me how to play checkers and we got along just fine. 

At the time, I did not know that he was functionally illiterate.  I would sit with him and do my homework, and I thought he was helping me with it, when all along, I was his literacy tutor!

When my dad went into the hospital for blood clots, my mother was all upset, trying to find a sitter for me when she went to visit him.  She called Howie to let him know my dad was in the hospital, and he came over to watch me so that my mom could go see my dad.

Over the years, our relationship grew.  He actually connected with his children.  I guess he felt comfortable from being with me.  He would take his daughter and I different places, and then he would go other places with her.  He would also do different activities with his son.

Howie's mother passed away in 1994.  His siblings are a group of, well, they are different.  They took over the funeral arrangements and the only contact they had with Howie was when they needed money.  His ex-wife showed up to the funeral and they treated her like she was the queen.  Howie and his new wife were shunned.

The service was to begin and everyone took their seats.  Howie's wife sat in the back, and my parents sat in front of her.  Howie was sitting by himself, so I sat down next to him and held his hand.  He told me that I was his guardian angel.

I feel that my purpose here on earth was to help Howie re-establish a relationship with his children.  Thank you for reading this.

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Readers Comments

reena wrote: True friendship is spiritual relationlship.

Helping someone in their difficulty or need is a wonderful job, Keep it up thank you for your loving story
tsholofelo wrote: wow thats so beutifull!!!!!!!!its amazig how things works in this world.when you help some1 you actually doing something to that person and to you,which is what GOD the almighty wants.keep up the good work.bless u
rabia wrote: you really showed the true meaning of friendship
katlampi wrote: That is very sweet! It it interesting where our relationships can take us. God Bless!
Janice wrote: It brings tears to my eyes to read such a beautiful story.You will surely be blessed for your love and kindness you gave to Howie......
loretta wrote: Thank you for being there for Howie. He sure needed you. Blessing being sent your way.
JuneBug wrote: I can tell you have a HUGE heart!!!!
speedi wrote: Lucky Howe to have someone like you in his life...imagine how lonely he would have been otherwise...Bles you both
smoothsugardoll wrote: we all have many purposes. there are so many out there that still need you You are special let God use you for his glory blessings always to you.
Norman wrote: I often believe that friendship is a full time job, you perfectly demonstrated this to Howie.God bless and thanks for sharing

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