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Teaching Kindness, Staying Kind

--by jacqueline, posted Nov 5, 2007
The other day I decided to teach my son about the power of small acts of kindness.  He had won some lollies in a prize machine in the local supermarket, so I asked him if he would like to share his win with the next child that walks past.  He was hesitant because he is a shy young man but said yes after I encouraged him a bit.

A father and his child were nearby.  I approached the father and asked if my son could give his daughter a lolly that he had won.  The father looked at me sideways and was unsure what to say.  I further explained how I was coaching my son about the power of kindness.  Eventually he said it was okay.

We approached his daughter ... who wouldn’t accept the lollies!  She too was looking at us sideways with uncertainty!  At this stage my son was rather embarrassed and red as a beetroot by the fact she wouldn’t accept his offering and then he whispers to me,  “We go to the same school, Mum”.

Rather than apologize to my son for causing him embarrassment AND give up on the act of kindness … I followed through by popping a couple of lollies into their shopping bags and wished them a great day!

When we left the supermarket, I explained to my son that “… people in the world today are not so open to kindness because their thoughts and opinions have been shaped by the past.  However, we can reshape their opinions by doing these random acts of kindness.  So don’t be embarrassed my son.  Hey, they may have been standoffish but I’m sure we left them touched, moved and inspired in some way.  And the young girl will remember you as the boy with a big heart, when she bumps into you at school!”
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thaata wrote: Mother is the first teacher in life. You are not only teaching kindness to your son but building a better world for everybody to live in. Congrats.
Chris wrote: Have children bring in items to put in a basket, then make a card to go with it. Give the basket away.
Boss wrote: "your task; to build a better world," god said.

I answered, "how?

The world is shuch a large, vast place, so complicate now.

And i so small and usless am. There's nothing i can do. "
But god in all his wisdom said, "just build a better you. "
Congratulation, you are doing it.
babes wrote: great deed....lesson to learn thru act of kindness
katlampi wrote: I truly believe that the greatest act of kindness of all is to teach your children the power of kindness. Once you learn it, it infiltrates all aspects of your life. Instead of kindness as an occassional act or something you do for the holidays, it is a daily affair. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!
keshavaraosujatha wrote: Really it is a great idea practicing i.e teaching child by practicing by parents, inspirng one
Norman wrote: Thanks for reminding us to be the avenues of change.
akbj wrote: I think it's great that you are putting so much effort into teaching your son kindness. That is to be exemplified. Someday they will both remember, & feel the power of that act.
laurina wrote: Wonderful that you perservered! Maybe the next time will be easier for your son.

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