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Reno Winnings

--by Tigerlily, posted Nov 6, 2007

Some years ago there transpired a single event that changed my life to do this day.  Rarely do I share this story. 

My ex and I had gone on a Reno gambling bus tour.  We took what we could afford to lose and successfully lost every penny of it.   We had a nice dinner at the hotel before we boarded the bus and returned home to El Cerrito, CA.  As part of the bus package, we were each given a bag lunch on the return trip (in case we had lost even our shirts, I guess.)  However, we were not hungry and did not eat them.

When we got  off the bus at the shopping plaza, I noticed a young mother pushing a shopping cart with a little girl in it.  As we walked on to our car, I overheard the child state in the saddest little voice, "Mama, I 'm so hungry."  It brought tears to my eyes.  In our excess and greed we had made a trip simply to waste money gambling and this little angel didn't even have enough to eat that night.  We searched our pockets and found not a dime to help with this plight.  The only thing we had left were two bag lunches from the bustrip.

I was afraid of insulting the lady and yet wanted to ease the little girl's hunger pangs.   I approached the mother and apologized for doing so.  I told her that I had overheard their conversation and that I had no money to offer her but if it was okay, we had two fresh lunches that we had not and would not eat if she would like to have them.  She accepted and was grateful.

I don't even know what kind of sandwich was in that bag.... but, I will never forget the look on that sweet little girl's face when I gave her that simple little bagged lunch.  You would have thought I had given her a million dollars.

I lost all my cash in Reno that weekend, however, what I gained from one hungry little girl was.... priceless.  I often wonder what became of her.  Who she is today, where she is today and if she even survived.

She has touched my life forever.



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katlampi wrote: Thank you for sharing this! I think the awkward experience of approaching someone, overcoming the fear that you may insult them, overcoming the inability to gauge their reaction, and doing the right thing is the most valuable lesson! I am glad you posted! God Bless!
akbj wrote: That story does make me think of the bible verse about helping "angels unawares". You noticed & did what you were able to do, & that was something that hopefully got them through the night, both physically & mentally. Lots of people would have walked on by. Thank you
Fatso wrote: Hello Dear,

Remember this always:"When I was Hungry,you gave me food."Indeed , indeed you will never be in want,for I will make sure, you get 'Mana' from heaven without fail.

I had no extras ,just last year, and I got boxes and boxes, to share with all around,plus my own son and his four children as well.2006 in the UAE.

He was never paid for a year and a half, my husband too, never saw income for two whole years, and yet, and yet!!!! there was full and plenty for us and all my other needy poor who i normaly helped.

These boxes were brought to my door step by the Head of Logistics, of The Spinny's at Dubai,Mr Artif ,just because I taught his little son during the evenings for a fee too.

He came to know about how the company my husband and son served, was nasty and never paid them all these years.

God knows whats best for each one of us, surely the little girl, showed you -what priority comes first my dear.

Save a little for that 'rainny day' don't make forget you may need every penny when times are bad!


lovebug wrote: Life could be so simple, A drop of grace hit your soul, you saw it and it changed your life. All of life would change, if we all slowed down. We even have a president to gets on TV and tells us we need to be faster than a speeding bullet. I always thought the was supermans job, but sadley the last superman died and I still mourn the loss of this great soul.
AURELIA wrote: How nice. I agree with LoveBug that we do need to slow down a bit and see the need. Our lives are so fast paced and unfeeling! Routine and Schedules...boring! I'm so glad you showed kindness to that family and hopefully they were able to get assistance and things got better for them. ~Aurelia
Angel4eva wrote: I hope she is well. that was so nice of you
Caratyzna wrote: I am sorry about the guilt you probably felt, but I am sure they appreciated the food just the same.
I had a similar situation happen, and now i always carry a few walmart/shop and save gift cards with me. I've already had occasion to use one, and I was so glad I had it on me to help another person.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Any time you learn from something, it is a great thing. Thanks for sharing!

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