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A Camera With Baby Pictures

--by marcia_howell, posted Nov 6, 2007
I was walking in my neighborhood and found a very nice digital camera on the side of the road. 

To find the original owner, I put up signs in the neighborhood hoping someone would claim it, but nothing.  So I began looking through the pictures (luckily, it was digital). There were a year's worth of baby pictures, of an adorable little boy. And then on June 16 (they were date stamped) there were wedding pictures from a local park.  Lucky find -- I called the park office, and they had received a call from a bride that one of her brides' maids had lost her camera with wedding pictures on it!

The park arranged to get the camera to the bride so she could send it to the owner.  In the camera bag, I placed a "Smile" card.  I hope the owner finds a chance to tag the next person with a smile.
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AURELIA wrote: WOW I love this story. You were so clever to look at the photos and figure that out! It's feels good knowing that there are kind people like you who would go the extra mile for a stranger. :) I'm smiling. ~aurelia
churchlady wrote: I'm just waiting for smile cards in the mail. What a great idea to include them! Thanks for sharing that story.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That was very nice of you and I'm sure they will be very appreciative of your kindness!
Angel4eva wrote: that is a wonderful act of kindness keep it up
HapBee wrote: That is so wonderful! I lost my camera on a trip to Canada one year -- there probably weren't enough hints to lead anyone to me to return it, but how wonderful that you took the extra time and effort to get that camera back...I'll bet they never expected to see it again. Fantastic!

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