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Tire Blowout On the Road

--by aurelia, posted Nov 8, 2007

I was just away for a few days vacationing with my teenage daughters. On  our way home on the highway going about 65MPH, my tire went flat! I was scared and managed to move the car to the slow lane and then off the highway to the shoulder of the road.

I was so surprised to see right in front of me and van pulled off the road also and then back up to me. This kind man got out of his truck and came to my window to see that I was alright and then he waited until I got through to AAA. He asked me several times if I was OK and was I sure that he could leave me to wait for AAA.

I felt so good that he did that for us. The 40 minutes after he left,  I waited for AAA to arrive, no one else stopped to ask if help was on it's way and even the police drove right past us. NOT everyone has a cell phone today and I think people think we must (I do now, but a year ago I didn't).

Anyway, be kind and see if someone needs help if you ever see a car broken down.  I had several angels helping me out yesterday on that highway and am very grateful for them all. I was able to safely keep control of the car as I got it off the busy road  and just having that man wait until I found help was such a calming factor for me and my girls.   :)

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katlampi wrote: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! The kindness of strangers is wonderful. I was in a similar situation to yours a few years ago, and thank God a gentleman pulled over to help because we were far from a gas station! God Bless!
akbj wrote: You are absolutely right about not to assume that everyone has a cell phone, I don't, although planning to get one soon, mainly for personal safety, & I'm so glad that you weren't hurt, & that a kind man stopped to check on you. That kind of thing happening makes you grateful for the kindness of strangers. That man may never know how good he made you feel.
Nickgrand wrote: Thanks you and God bless!!
Angel4eva wrote: Thats great that people are willing to help out complete strangers
Alraisi wrote: Thank GOD that you and your two daughters are safe and nothing happened. This man who may GOD Bless him him and make him always happy all the time because of what he has done for you and for someone else maybe. I really want to thank him from deep of my heart. This is so good for him to do something like that. Specially when a man helps a woman in this condetion. Because this is a man work and women can do it. So thank GOD again that you and all are fine.
We should all learn something from what is happening in our life. This man stopped for a reason and that car tire went falt also only to meet this kind man and to help you.
GOD Bless you and The Man...!!! Keep It Up...!!!
AURELIA wrote: Thank You Alraisi for your kind words. I do believe you, God wanted me to be safe but to meet this kind man to learn a good lesson. It is a reminder that we need to be caring and loving to one another...even strangers. Thank You for helping me to see that. ~Aurelia
HapBee wrote: Thank you for sharing this story...I am one of those people who assumes people have a cellphone to use and it's good to be reminded that is not always the case. I'll think twice and stop to check next time!
bhappy wrote: Alraisi, took the words right out of my mouth. Thank God...I am glad you and your daughters are all right. Becki

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