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Helping Others, Even When We're Down

--by mack, posted Nov 8, 2007

My wife and I, we like to help wherever we can.  We may be down and out on a lot of things we really need badly, but you can't away us helping others. 

And I'm not talking just money.

An elder lady lives next door to us and I shovel her driveway and mow her lawn when her kids can't do it -- which is almost every time because they live out of town. 

Do I get paid in cash?  No!!  What do my wife and I get for it?  Just a big thank you and a great friend.  And this friend sometimes bakes us something and what does she say -- "I just bake too much today.  Would you like some of this?"

It is great to still be able to help one another.
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katlampi wrote: That is very thoughtful of you to help your neighbor! I agree with HapBee -- time is a great personal gift, and giving it is much more rewarding than simply writing a check to somebody. Thank you for sharing this story!
Nickgrand wrote: Thanks you and God bless!!
Angel4eva wrote: Thats great its great that you do that and expect nothing in return
AURELIA wrote: Hello Mack, You are right. You've made a good friend. Your wife and you are truly a blessing to her. It must feel good to make a difference...keep up the wonderful act of kindness in your neighborhood. :)~Aurelia
Jessica62896 wrote: It is nice to see that MySpace and Yahoo might evolve into a useful tool to help one another. Thus the idea I shared with a depressed friend, who is slowly getting help from us. She has worked at using the power of friends to help her and her children. I know that she will pay the kindness forward to others, including her children, in the years to come.
When a person asks for help, our reaction must not be to prejudge or offer too much "advice". Our better angels demand this of us. I'm an agnostic, yet I know, with all my being, that if their be a god or gods-- a prayer will most likely be answered through ordinary efforts of fellow human beings. Don't do these things for Jessie-- do it for yourself. A little from many is as good, if not better, than a lot from a few.
HapBee wrote: You said it all...the important things have nothing to do with money, but how we treat each other. Thank you for sharing.

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