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We Are Not Alone

--by revmindy, posted Feb 18, 2015
In the days after 9/11, I was on the team of chaplains assigned to Ground Zero. I worked from T-Mort, the temporary morgue on- site. In addition to praying with first responders over remains, we also helped search, and held the place of spirit during the long hours of digging.

One night, several bodies were discovered in a collapsed stairwell. Another chaplain and I were standing at the rim while the recovery team- firefighters, iron workers toiled to free the bodies. Someone shouted up "We need you down here!" It was a deep hole about 10 feet down: dark, narrow, smokey.

We shouted OK, but I could feel myself panic. I know they didn't mean they needed ME. They needed the help or strength of God. It was my job to hold that space. They lifted us and passed us down into that shaft. My heart was racing and I felt faint, but kept praying "God give me strength, give me your words, your heart I can't do this alone. "

And. In an instant, a wave of peace and energy flowed through me. It was bright and tangible. I felt strong and full of life; like I could have lit up the dark hole. I was not alone. I felt that divine presence and it stayed the five hours we were down there. I will never forget. I know it is there for the asking, and that we are never alone.
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carolecrotty wrote: Thank you for the reminder. We are not alone.
patjoshig wrote: Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your compassionate efforts at Ground Zero. The Light was channeled through you and your prayers. Continued blessings.
Mish wrote: Yes, I have experienced that in -filling of spirit once or twice in my life & you never forget it! Bless you.
kperrine wrote: Thank you for being there for everyone. You passed on your blessings and made their days a little brighter!

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