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Why I Just Love Smile Cards!

--by tenderheart, posted Nov 10, 2007

I was recently transfered from one department to another. So I decided to give a token of appreciation to my old boss. Then, I realized that I still have some smile cards and decided to make their day in a slightly more elaborate way.

As a thank you for everything she had done, I made some jewelry for my old boss -- a beaded colors stones necklace!  Then, I gave the secretary a gift as well -- a brown beaded necklace.  And finally, the volunteer recruiter, a brown beaded bracelet and matching earrings.

All ladies were so pleased and grateful that I made their day. The recruiter was so touched with the gesture that she now wants to incorporated the smile cards into the volunteer department, so other volunteers can do random acts of kindness too.

I am so happy to have given the gifts to the ladies and attach the smile cards. Because now it has open doors for others and to spread the word.  It really has made a deep impact.

That's not all, I was in school and having some problems trying to register for class.  This random lady went way out her way to help me and solve the issues.  I was so relieved.   And so grateful.  So I just gave her my own gift -- green beaded stones bracelet and matching earings -- as a humble thanks for her help.

Today has been a wonderful day of given and receiving.  it really pays off to be nice to others.

I am going to continue giving smile cards for a long time. :)

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Lisa Trowbridge wrote: What a wonderful story and a great idea. Great job!
babes wrote: such a wonderful gift. good job!!
lorichelle wrote: Isn't it really funny how doing something for others makes you feel so good? Great idea to make them jewelry! Good job!
aarteestic wrote: Giving can get so addictive, the happiness you feel within when you give something to someone and their happiness in return can be very overwhelming. I just can't wait for my smile cards to arrive.

Good on you Tenderheart.Keep it up
akbj wrote: Wow, great for you, giving gifts that you had made, they will be treasured. Sounds like it did have a profound impact on your workplace.
keshavarao wrote: WONDERFUL work
irongrace wrote: thankyous should always be given so thankyou for what you did
laurina wrote: Good job! Smiles cards are so fun! Enjoy!
Angel4eva wrote: yeah me too
Angel4eva wrote: yeah me too

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