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Ending A Friendship With Kindness

--by Lezah, posted Nov 14, 2007

I lost a friend last week.  Business should never be mixed with friendships.

I have learned that people come into your lives and people leave your lives.  I know this is the end of the friendship and so I wondered how I could make it just a little better.

I decided to write my friend a letter to say how important our friendship was to me.  To say what a difference he made in my life.  To highlight the good times and to say thank you for those.

I also wrote the letter to wish him wonderful things in life.  I wanted to end it positively.  At first I thought I was making myself vulnerable but then I realized it did not really matter.  I really did value this friendship and even though it has ended in a horrible way, I refuse to look over it negatively.  I want to remember the good.

Thank you my friend.  Our walk has ended together but you will be special in my heart always.

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praveenHP wrote: I expected my loved ones departed from me the same way. I did send an email and sms about them. But got a reply very harsh.
lmil1954 wrote: I have learned that people come into our lives, some for a season, all for a reason. Its good that you bid him a farewell with tenderness in your heart.
wayfarer wrote: I liked Lovebug's idea of learning to flow. I feel very much the same. Lezah, that was a very noble thing you did and a good example to us all. After all a friendship is/was much more than just the last arguement.
Nickgrand wrote: Thanks for shearing and God bless!!
Caratyzna wrote: That was a great idea. Even if it doesn't save the friendship, it will hopefully stop both of you from being negative about it.
eleutheria wrote:
Maybe in years to come, he will look back on your friendship with fond memories, and smile when he thinks of the good times you had
lovebug wrote: I can't speak for anyone but myself. But I have noticed, for me. Friendships are like ships passing in the night. I had to accept that fact. Just for me, I think I am just a little bit happier than the average human, I learned not to cling to people, places, or things. Our world is ever changing and we will have to learn to adapt or perish. Like it or not we have to move with the tide. Sounds like you have learned how to flow. May God Bless all of your prayers.
Angel4eva wrote: thats a wonderful ideaeven though you are not friends anymore you can still remind him of how much you appreciate him as a great friend

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