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Down In The Dumps

--by jojomcb, posted Nov 15, 2007

Very recently, I have had to move from my home and have been living in a hotel room with my son who is 17, my sister and her two children ages 4 and 8.  

Times have been hard and I have been still going to work and pretending every day that it is no big deal, that we will get through this.  But today I was really down until I logged on to this site .... and read everyone's stories!  It just brightened up my day.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and everyone  for their acts of kindness.

Even though times are hard for me right now, I am still going everyday to help my mother who has colon cancer and try to help others with their problems.  Compared to some others, my problems are not so terrible.

Thanks for reminding me.


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jaikarkaur wrote: Thank you for reminding me that many people ned a few kind words and that everyone in need may not be obvious at first glance. Much love and prayers
JustElliott wrote: My Grandfather pass from colon cancer he raised me and I do know what your going through you sound like you have been through a lot and I know sometimes you ask your self how you got to where you are I myself ask that too. So the best I can explain is that GOD has a reason for all of us no matter where you live be grateful to spend as much time with your mother as posible, GOD does work in mysterous way's and I will pray for all your family this holiday season. here you have found an internet family that will do the same GOD bless you for your hard work and a smile that keeps you up.Have a great christmas we will be praying all is well, And never give up!
wayfarer wrote: I came across a thought I'd like to share with you - "It'll be all right in the end. If it's not alright - it's not the end!"
Be brave!
greeneyes wrote: Oh how hard this must be for you and yours. Words can not say enough but just know this...God never closes a door without opening another for you. Have faith and hope and trust in the Lord to see you through this. My prayers are with you all. As my mother used to say " even this shall pass". All is well just keep looking up.
lmil1954 wrote: God helps those who come to Him for help. Bless you heart for knowing that good things are coming. I am praying for you and your family. You will be blessed by being a blessing which Im sure you are to your sister, son and sister's kids!
Aurelia wrote: God Bless you and your family as you all are going through some difficulty. Be strong for your mom, you will NEVER regret it. My mom just passed away on 10/23 and I did everything I could to be with her and I was when she passed on. Keep the faith and don't forget to ask God for his strength and guidance, HE is the way. My prayers and thoughts are with you. ~Aurelia
miamaia wrote: Wow,you are strong..and sometimes it can be tough,and you can get tired of being the strong one.A couple of things that help me,I picture God reaching His hand down to pull me up and out of this,and He will and He is.Ans before I get out of bed each morning,I thak Him for that day and tell Him to take control,He knows better than I do what the day He holds. I wll so pray for you,My boys and I were on our own,and its so hard,sometines like it just wont get better,but it will.My promis is nothing,but Gods promise,you can count on.I do not have much,but I will help you anyway I can.
katlampi wrote: I am sorry for your difficult times. God doesn't give us things that we cannot handle, so just hang in there, chin up, and know that it will make you stronger in the end. Thank you for sharing this with us.
EePee wrote: I wish you & yours everything of the very best.
I too had reached rock bottom, but have been able to turn my life around with a positive attitude.
JuneBug wrote: Things happen for a reason, my friend. I was in a shelter once years ago because my husband at the time chose not to take care of me and our five children...My children are grown now with babies of their own and I am remarried to the most wonderful man. I look back on those days and I praise God for showing me how He held my hand throughout my life. Believe me, THINGS WILL GET BETTER...Mark my words....Better yet, remember His promises!

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