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Reading Your Smile Stories!

--by loretta, posted Nov 17, 2007

I have gone through 7 pages of stories and will be able to leave today for work with a smile on my face.

I have read stories that had no comments and made it a point to leave a comment to let those folks know that their stories have been read.

In reading those stories I will go out into my world and use some of their suggestions and stories to set a good example of kindness today.

Thanks to all of you that are part of this site!!!!

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Ekblom wrote: I'm getting many ideas reading through these stories. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences, they are truly an inspiration!
Jules wrote: Hurray to your story and to all the above comments :-)
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is great Loretta. I tend to notice reading the stories gets me out there to do something too, no matter how small!
lmil1954 wrote: I'm glad youre here! And that youre bringing along kindness to work with you!
Angel4eva wrote: Yes

almostacowgirl wrote: I couldn't have said it better myself!
dancingDog wrote: Ditto! - I have a hard time reading these stories and not smiling or getting a little teary-eyed. Thanks to everyone for so much inspiration!
AURELIA wrote: How lucky we are to have computers to be able to connect in such a way. I never would have beleived that it was possible to talk to complete strangers/and now friends from other countries! This is Awesome. ~Aurelia
yemisio wrote: A big, wide, heart full smile to you too.

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