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How Much Are You Short?

--by Nini, posted Nov 20, 2007
A few weeks ago I walked into a Zenex Garage to buy some milk.

When I turned around after taking milk out the fridge I saw an elderly man standing behind me with a small packet of mielie pap, a small bottle of Savlon, a small bottle of milk and a half loaf of bread. He was trying to hold everything and at the same time was counting his coins in his very shaky, bruised, cut hands.

I walked up to him and asked him how much he was short.  Stunned, he could not even talk.  Almost apologetically, he told me he had not recieved his pension money yet and needed a few small things for his family(himself, his wife and two kids) for a week while he waited for his pension to come in.

He did not know which of the items were most important to take but he clearly could not afford them all.  I discreetly handed him a R20.00 note and told him to buy what he needs.   He was moved beyond words, that he would be able to get a full loaf of bread and a bit more milk and still take the other things as his family would be living off this food for a week.

I wanted to do more but the mere fact that I had the opportunity to help someone truly in need, made me feel so good inside.
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wooka85257 wrote: Your compassion for this man was precious, and the gift you gave him, in being able to provide at that moment for his family, was very dear. Blessings on your sweet heart.
flowerpower wrote: Regardless of the circumstances, i know there is a god out there and this story proved it so. God bless.
Miiimo wrote: not alot have a character like this man, but once u have such a character, it will be showing how kind person u r, and that ur life isnot all about money,its about how u can help ppl with wat u have and wat u can.
Monmon wrote: its a very interesting story, which i hope one day will not be only a story,and ppl will start looking after eachother without any selfishness, cuz no matter wat good u do,it will always come back to u.
Tigerlily wrote: God Bless you. As you have done for the "least of them; you have done for me, saith the Lord."
gwboocat wrote: What an inspiring story! That's the way to change the world with a little "change."
speedi wrote: Is it not how amazing when we help someone in need we get a huge blesssing in return...
Thanks for sharing your wonderful story..
miamaia wrote: Thank you for helping that man....I dont believe there are too many people left in this world who really cares,but you proved its not true
katlampi wrote: This was very generous of you! It is always nice to see the shock on people's faces when you offer to help. Somehow we are surprised by the good nature of others. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us!
mermangel wrote: there is always someone more in need financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually than we are just at this moment and your story makes that so poignant. your gesture moved me.

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