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Seven Thoughts After A Lost Wallet

--by Deval, posted Nov 23, 2007
I lost my wallet today.  It's just one of things that can drive you upside down,  but instead of being mad, I am gonna count my blessings with you.
1. The wallet that I left in my car
I was glad I wasn't sleeping in my car
Thank you God for putting a roof over my head.
2. The violation I felt over stolen property
At least my life wasn't stolen from me
Thank you God for life and security
3. My credit card that was gone
At least I have enough money to lose
Thank you God for giving me more than enough to survive
4. My favorite Macy's card I lost
I enjoyed that card for years
Thank you God for luxuries in life.
Also thank you for a sense of fashion
5. My driver's license I lost
I am still able to drive
Thank you God for providing me with a stable transportation
6. My Barnes & Noble's gift card that was gone
I am still able to buy and read books
Thank you God for opportunities for education
7. The time I spent being upset
I was consoled by friends and family
Thank you God for such caring beautiful people in my life
I am thankful for health, wealth, friends, family, life, and everything I have been blessed with.
And hence, I am officially over my stolen wallet!
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Readers Comments

Sean Ngu Ze Xi wrote: Thanks for all the positive mind set of losing a wallet. Now, i finally understand that having a positive thinking can help me to release stress. Never to forget, god will will always be there to help me.
Glezileno wrote: Thanks a lot nnamdi. I'm rlaely overwhelmed by all the support. Please keep coming back and commenting on stuff. Your presence here is an encouragement bro. Thanks again.
anonimus wrote: just lovely...i bookmarked this story's page because i want to read it every time...we have to be thankful
pskenned wrote: AWESOME! It's so easy to think all of the negatives when something like this happens, thanks for reminding us to see the big picture!
angie wrote: I live on a fixed income and only recieve one check a month. Two months ago I cashed my check at the local grocery store. When I got half way home I realized my wallet wasn't in my purse. We turned around and raced back to the store. I just knew someone had picked it up and got over $400.00! As soon as I walked in the store, the girl behind the counter smiled at me. Someone had found it on the floor and turned it in. Thank you for all the good and honest people still left in this world!
SmilingAngel wrote: This is a really good thing that you did. One thing I do whenever I lose something, especially money, is pray that it gets found by someone that needs it more than I do.
writingmomma wrote: I once had a friend tell me that you go through the same steps of grieving when you lose a wallet as you do when you grieve for something else.
First you go through denial- my wallet must be around here somewhere
Then you go through anger- Why did this have to happen to me.
Then you go through guilt- If only I wouldn't have left the door unlocked, If only I had done something different
Then you go through acceptance- my wallet is lost.
Then you go through the hard work of making a life for yourself without the wallet, you call the bank about your credit cards, get new ID and let others know that your old ID was stolen. and finally you get a new wallet.
I guess that is what you did in a nutshell, you turned a tragedy into something where you could see your blessing. Good for you. I wish more people were like you
Mitbaby wrote: You've got to accentuate the positive,
Eliminate the negative,
Latch on the the affirmitave;
Don't mess with Mr. In-Between!

It really is a matter of attitude. Good for you for "accentuating the positive"!
Flowers wrote: What a great attitude, it can definitely be applied in other circumstances! Good on you.
brighteyes wrote: This was simply wonderful.....just plain wonderful and so uplifting....turning a negative to a positive using using your choices and maintaining an attitude of gratitude....kudo's to you!!

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