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True Wealth Lies Hidden in Subtle Places

--by bibirose, posted Nov 27, 2007

My hubby is an unusual salesperson.

He simply presents the service or the item to you & leaves the decision to the individual. (He does not take kindly to pushy salespeople).  A few weeks ago, though, he resigned from his job when the Big Bosses wanted him to deceive the people so he could get more sales. In his resignation he said that as a Christian he could not lie. (What good moral person could?)

As a result, he's been walking into town (no car at the moment) handing out his resume to various businesses.

I've said all that to say this ... Even though we have had to pull in our belt a fair bit, we haven't been wanting because friends have secretly placed money & gift cards in our pockets or my handbag or on my seat where we go to Fellowship.   No one comes up to us & says "Hey, I want to give you this $100."  It's always subtle and sensitive.

Just this morning, I was handing a friend some magazines that I knew would bless her and in between these magizine, I noticed an envelope with my name & Hubby's name, inside $100 plus $200 gift card which I'll be able to use to do the weekly shopping!  In the last few weeks we have received over $500.  Though the money is very very handy, it's the willingness and kindness of friends that touches our hearts so deeply.

A close intimate relationship with God and friends who love & accept you, just like you, is what I call true wealth!   So the next time someone asks you if you are rich, say, "No, but I sure am wealthy!"

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brighteyes wrote: Bibi...such a heart warming story...I love it...I am not rich but "wealthy...we should all take stock in our what is to agree with you, God, Love, family, friends, good health, peace and doing the right thing....kindness too....kudo's!
Fatso wrote: Hi,

My hubby and my sons, have lost Dhs5 Million last year, 2006:Gone with the wind,but the 'The Almighty' has gifted is good health, great peace and our dignity intact.

What more can a family want.Unity to the core.The truth will always shine.

Keep that smile on,


Barbara Thyab Ali.

P O Box: 38485,
Sharjah UAE

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harry wrote: so nice
AURELIA wrote: "No, but I sure is weatlhy!!!! Good for your husband to do what felt right in his heart. My husband too has lost his job for speaking up. He couldn't stand around and let others mistreat a fellow employee just because of the color of his skin. A month after going to HumanResources about the situation, he too was let go.He knew in his heart that it was the right thing for him to do, but we did suffer hardships financially. Our congregation is so large and not intimate as yours. Nobody even knew how tough it was to pay the bills and buy groceries for over a year and half. Thank Goodness he now works for an honest and fair establishment and we are doing fine. ~Aurelia

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